BloodSamples: Serum Protein Composition in Blood Samples

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These data (Aitchison, 2003) list blood samples' compositions of Albumin, Pre-Albumin, Globulin A, and Globulin B in relation to two types of diseases. 14 patients suffer from disease A, 16 from disease B and 6 are unclassified.




A data frame with 36 observations on the following 6 variables.

Albumin, Pre.Albumin, Globulin.A, Globulin.B

the amounts of Albumin, Pre-Albumin, Globulin A, and Globulin B.


diagnosis of disease A, B, or NA for unclassified observations.


a factor indicating whether the observations are old and classified (No) or new and unclassified (Yes).


Aitchison, J. (2003). The Statistical Analysis of Compositional Data. The Blackburn Press, Caldwell, NJ.



Example output

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Loading required package: rgl
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   Albumin Pre.Albumin Globulin.A Globulin.B Disease New
A1   0.348       0.197      0.201      0.254       A  No
A2   0.386       0.239      0.141      0.242       A  No
A3   0.471       0.240      0.089      0.200       A  No
A4   0.427       0.245      0.111      0.217       A  No
A5   0.346       0.230      0.204      0.219       A  No
A6   0.485       0.231      0.101      0.183       A  No
Warning in DR_data(BloodSamples[, 1:4]) :
  not all rows sum up to 1 => normalization forced
This object contains compositional data with 4 dimensions.
Number of observations: 36 of which 36 ( 100% ) are valid.

Note: The data were normalized.

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