Man pages for DstarM
Analyze Two Choice Reaction Time Data with the D*M Method

chisqCalculates the distance between two probability densities.
chisqFitCalculate model fit
estCdfEstimate cumulative distribution for D*M models
estDstarMDo a D*M analysis
estNDEstimate nondecision denstiy
estObservedEstimate observed data density
estQdfEstimate quantiles of distribution
getPdfs(Re)Calculate model densities with given parameters and time...
getSterEstimate variance of nondecision density
getTerCalculate Mean of the nondecision distribution.
normalizeNormalize two pdfs
obsQuantilesCalculate model fit
plotObservedPlot quantiles of data against model implied quantiles.
rtDescriptivesDescriptives of reaction time data
rtHistMake histograms of reaction time data
simDataSimulate data from a given densitiy function via multinomial...
testFunTest fun.density with lower and upper bounds
upgradeDstarMUpgrade a DstarM object for backwards compatability
Voss.densityCalculate model density for a given set of parameters
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