EBMAforecast: Ensemble BMA Forecasting

Ensemble BMA for social science data.

AuthorJacob M. Montgomery, Florian M. Hollenbach, and Michael D. Ward
Date of publication2016-02-10 09:11:07
MaintainerFlorian M. Hollenbach <fhollenbach@tamu.edu>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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calibrateEnsemble Man page
calibrateEnsemble,ForecastData-method Man page
calibrationSample Man page
compareModels Man page
CompareModels-class Man page
compareModels,ForecastData-method Man page
EBMAforecast Man page
EBMAforecast-package Man page
EBMApredict Man page
EBMApredict,ForecastData-method Man page
FDatFitLogit-class Man page
FDatFitLogit-method Man page
FDatFitNormal-class Man page
FDatFitNormal-method Man page
fitEnsemble Man page
fitEnsemble,ForecastDataLogit-method Man page
fitEnsemble,ForecastData-method Man page
fitEnsemble,ForecastDataNormal-method Man page
ForecastData-class Man page
ForecastData-generic Man page
ForecastDataLogit-class Man page
ForecastDataLogit-method Man page
ForecastData-method Man page
ForecastDataNormal-class Man page
makeForecastData Man page
makeForecastData,ANY-method Man page
makeForecastData-method, Man page
plot,FDatFitLogit-method Man page
plot,FDatFitNormal-method Man page
prediction Man page
prediction, Man page
prediction,FDatFitLogit-method Man page
prediction,FDatFitNormal-method Man page
prediction,ForecastDataNormal-method Man page
presidentialForecast Man page
print,ForecastData-method Man page
print-method, Man page
print,SummaryForecastData-method Man page
setModelNames<- Man page
setModelNames<-, Man page
setModelNames<-,ForecastData-method Man page
setOutcomeCalibration<- Man page
setOutcomeCalibration, Man page
setOutcomeCalibration<-,ForecastData-method Man page
setOutcomeTest<- Man page
setOutcomeTest<-, Man page
setOutcomeTest<-,ForecastData-method Man page
setPredCalibration<- Man page
setPredCalibration, Man page
setPredCalibration<-,ForecastData-method Man page
setPredTest<- Man page
setPredTest, Man page
setPredTest<-,ForecastData-method Man page
show,ForecastData-method Man page
show-method Man page
show,SummaryForecastData-method Man page
summary,FDatFitLogit-method Man page
summary,FDatFitNormal-method Man page
SummaryForecastData-class Man page
testSample Man page

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