EBS: Exact Bayesian Segmentation

Performs an exact Bayesian segmentation on data and returns the probabilities of breakpoints, an ICL criteria, comparison of change-point location, etc.

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AuthorAlice Cleynen
Date of publication2016-06-23 01:05:53
MaintainerAlice Cleynen <alice.cleynen@umontpellier.fr>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

CardE0: Prior probability of E0

CardMK: Number of segmentations in K segments

Col: Generic function

Col-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'Col' ~~

CompCredibility: Comparison of two profiles with credibility intervals

Data: Generic function

Data-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'Data' ~~

EBSBIC: Model Selection by BIC Criterion

EBS-class: Class "EBS"

EBSDistrib: Probability of kth changepoint in a segmentation in K...

EBSegmentation: Exact Bayesian Segmentation for Poisson, Negative Binomial...

EBSICL: Model Selection by Integrated Completed Likelihood criterion

EBSICLProfiles: Model Selection by Integrated Completed Likelihood criterion

EBS-package: Contains funcions that run exact bayesian changepoint methods...

EBSPlotProba: Plot distribution of changepoints of one profile

EBSPlotProbaProfiles: Plot distribution of changepoints of each profile

EBSPostK: Posterior probabilities of the number of segments

EBSPrior: Matrix of prior values for each interval

EBSPriorProfiles: Matrix of prior values for each interval

EBSProfiles: Exact Bayesian Segmentation for multiple profiles

EBSProfiles-class: Class "EBSProfiles"

EBSStatistic: Statistic for Profile Comparison

getCol: Generic function

getCol-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'getCol' ~~

GetCondition: Segmentation information for one profile out of the set

getData: Generic function

getData-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'getData' ~~

getHyperParameters: Generic function

getHyperParameters-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'getHyperParameters' ~~

getKmax: Generic function

getKmax-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'getKmax' ~~

getLength: Generic function

getLength-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'getLength' ~~

getLi: Generic function

getLi-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'getLi' ~~

getModel: Generic function

getModel-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'getModel' ~~

getOverdispersion: Generic function

getOverdispersion-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'getOverdispersion' ~~

getP: Generic function

getP-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'getP' ~~

getPriorm: Generic function

getPriorm-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'getPriorm' ~~

getVariance: Generic function

getVariance-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'getVariance' ~~

HyperParameters: Generic function

HyperParameters-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'HyperParameters' ~~

Kmax: Generic function

Kmax-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'Kmax' ~~

Length: Generic function

Length-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'Length' ~~

Li: Generic function

Li-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'Li' ~~

matProba: Generic function

matProba-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'matProba' ~~

Model: Generic function

Model-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'Model' ~~

NbConditions: Generic function

NbConditions-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'NbConditions' in Package 'EBS' ~~

Overdispersion: Generic function

Overdispersion-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'Overdispersion' ~~

PriorDistrib: Prior distribution of change-point when uniform prior on...

Priorm: Generic function

Priorm-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'Priorm' ~~

show-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'show' in Package 'methods' ~~

TruncPois: Truncated Poisson distribution

Variance: Generic function

Variance-methods: ~~ Methods for Function 'Variance' ~~


CardE0 Man page
CardMK Man page
Col Man page
Col,EBSProfiles-method Man page
Col-methods Man page
CompCredibility Man page
CompCredibility.default Man page
Data Man page
Data,EBSProfiles-method Man page
Data-methods Man page
EBS Man page
EBSBIC Man page
EBSBIC.default Man page
EBS-class Man page
EBSDistrib Man page
EBSDistrib.default Man page
EBSegmentation Man page
EBSegmentation.default Man page
EBSICL Man page
EBSICL.default Man page
EBSICLProfiles Man page
EBSICLProfiles.default Man page
EBS-method,getCol Man page
EBS-method,getData Man page
EBS-method,getHyperParameters Man page
EBS-method,getKmax Man page
EBS-method,getLength Man page
EBS-method,getLi Man page
EBS-method,getModel Man page
EBS-method,getOverdispersion Man page
EBS-method,getP Man page
EBS-method,getPriorm Man page
EBS-method,getVariance Man page
EBS-method, show Man page
EBS-package Man page
EBSPlotProba Man page
EBSPlotProba.default Man page
EBSPlotProbaProfiles Man page
EBSPlotProbaProfiles.default Man page
EBSPostK Man page
EBSPostK.default Man page
EBSPrior Man page
EBSPrior.default Man page
EBSPriorProfiles Man page
EBSPriorProfiles.default Man page
EBSProfiles Man page
EBSProfiles-class Man page
EBSProfiles.default Man page
EBSProfiles-method,Col Man page
EBSProfiles-method,Data Man page
EBSProfiles-method,HyperParameters Man page
EBSProfiles-method,Kmax Man page
EBSProfiles-method,Length Man page
EBSProfiles-method,Li Man page
EBSProfiles-method,matProba Man page
EBSProfiles-method,Model Man page
EBSProfiles-method,Overdispersion Man page
EBSProfiles-method,Priorm Man page
EBSProfiles-method, show Man page
EBSProfiles-method,Variance Man page
EBSStatistic Man page
EBSStatistic.default Man page
getCol Man page
getCol,EBS-method Man page
getCol-methods Man page
GetCondition Man page
GetCondition.default Man page
getData Man page
getData,EBS-method Man page
getData-methods Man page
getHyperParameters Man page
getHyperParameters,EBS-method Man page
getHyperParameters-methods Man page
getKmax Man page
getKmax,EBS-method Man page
getKmax-methods Man page
getLength Man page
getLength,EBS-method Man page
getLength-methods Man page
getLi Man page
getLi,EBS-method Man page
getLi-methods Man page
getModel Man page
getModel,EBS-method Man page
getModel-methods Man page
getOverdispersion Man page
getOverdispersion,EBS-method Man page
getOverdispersion-methods Man page
getP Man page
getP,EBS-method Man page
getP-methods Man page
getPriorm Man page
getPriorm,EBS-method Man page
getPriorm-methods Man page
getVariance Man page
getVariance,EBS-method Man page
getVariance-methods Man page
HyperParameters Man page
HyperParameters,EBSProfiles-method Man page
HyperParameters-methods Man page
Kmax Man page
Kmax,EBSProfiles-method Man page
Kmax-methods Man page
Length Man page
Length,EBSProfiles-method Man page
Length-methods Man page
Li Man page
Li,EBSProfiles-method Man page
Li-methods Man page
matProba Man page
matProba,EBSProfiles-method Man page
matProba-methods Man page
Model Man page
Model,EBSProfiles-method Man page
Model-methods Man page
NbConditions Man page
NbConditions,EBSProfiles-method Man page
NbConditions-methods Man page
Overdispersion Man page
Overdispersion,EBSProfiles-method Man page
Overdispersion-methods Man page
plot.Credibility Man page
print.Credibility Man page
PriorDistrib Man page
Priorm Man page
Priorm,EBSProfiles-method Man page
Priorm-methods Man page
show,ANY-method Man page
show,classGeneratorFunction-method Man page
show,classRepresentation-method Man page
show,EBS-method Man page
show,EBSProfiles-method Man page
show,envRefClass-method Man page
show,genericFunction-method Man page
show,genericFunctionWithTrace-method Man page
show,MethodDefinition-method Man page
show,MethodDefinitionWithTrace-method Man page
show-methods Man page
show,MethodSelectionReport-method Man page
show,MethodWithNext-method Man page
show,MethodWithNextWithTrace-method Man page
show,namedList-method Man page
show,ObjectsWithPackage-method Man page
show,oldClass-method Man page
show,refClassRepresentation-method Man page
show,refMethodDef-method Man page
show,refObjectGenerator-method Man page
show,signature-method Man page
show,sourceEnvironment-method Man page
show,traceable-method Man page
TruncPois Man page
Variance Man page
Variance,EBSProfiles-method Man page
Variance-methods Man page


R/Profiles.R R/EBS.R R/zzz.r R/Classes.R
man/EBSPriorProfiles.Rd man/EBSProfiles.Rd man/getHyperParameters.Rd man/EBSICLProfiles.Rd man/Overdispersion-methods.Rd man/getP.Rd man/Model.Rd man/Variance-methods.Rd man/EBSPlotProba.Rd man/Col-methods.Rd man/Kmax-methods.Rd man/getHyperParameters-methods.Rd man/Data-methods.Rd man/EBSProfiles-class.Rd man/NbConditions.Rd man/PriorDistrib.Rd man/CardE0.Rd man/getCol-methods.Rd man/EBSPostK.Rd man/getModel-methods.Rd man/getVariance.Rd man/getOverdispersion-methods.Rd man/Li-methods.Rd man/EBS-package.Rd man/Col.Rd man/EBSegmentation.Rd man/getModel.Rd man/Length.Rd man/HyperParameters-methods.Rd man/getOverdispersion.Rd man/TruncPois.Rd man/EBSStatistic.Rd man/getData-methods.Rd man/Length-methods.Rd man/Kmax.Rd man/getPriorm-methods.Rd man/getLi.Rd man/getVariance-methods.Rd man/GetCondition.Rd man/Data.Rd man/matProba-methods.Rd man/matProba.Rd man/EBSDistrib.Rd man/CardMK.Rd man/EBSBIC.Rd man/Li.Rd man/EBSPlotProbaProfiles.Rd man/CompCredibility.Rd man/getP-methods.Rd man/EBS-class.Rd man/EBSPrior.Rd man/getLi-methods.Rd man/NbConditions-methods.Rd man/getPriorm.Rd man/getLength-methods.Rd man/EBSICL.Rd man/getKmax.Rd man/Model-methods.Rd man/getKmax-methods.Rd man/getData.Rd man/Priorm-methods.Rd man/Variance.Rd man/Priorm.Rd man/getLength.Rd man/HyperParameters.Rd man/show-methods.Rd man/Overdispersion.Rd man/getCol.Rd

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