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websearch_ecotoxR Documentation

Search and retrieve toxicity records from the on-line database


[Experimental] Functions to search and retrieve records from the on-line database at https://cfpub.epa.gov/ecotox/search.cfm.


  fields = list_ecotox_web_fields(),
  habitat = c("aquire", "terrestrial"),




A named list of characters, used to build a search for for the on-line search query of https://cfpub.epa.gov/ecotox/search.cfm. Use list_ecotox_web_fields() to construct a valid list.


Use aquire (default) to retrieve aquatic data, terrestrial for, you've guessed it, terrestrial data.


In case of list_ecotox_web_fields() the dots can be used as search field values used to update the returned list of fields.

In case of websearch_ecotox() the dots can be used to pass custom options to the underlying httr::POST() call. For available field names, use names(list_ecotox_web_fields())


The functions described here to search and retrieve records from the on-line database are experimental. This is because this feature is not formally supported by the EPA, and it may break in future iterations of the on-line database. The functions form an interface between R and the ECOTOX website and is therefore limited by its restrictions as described in the package documentation: ECOTOXr. The functions should therefore be used with caution.


Returns named list of dplyr::tibbles with search results. Results are unpolished and ‘as is’ returned by EPA's web service.

list_ecotox_web_fields() returns a named list with fields that can be used in a web search of EPA's ECOTOX database, using websearch_ecotox().


IMPORTANT: when you plan to perform multiple adjacent searches (for instance in a loop), please insert a call to Sys.sleep(). This to avoid overloading the server and getting your IP address banned from the server.


Pepijn de Vries

See Also

Other search-functions: search_ecotox(), websearch_comptox()


## Not run: 
search_fields <-
    txAdvancedSpecEntries     = "daphnia magna",
    txAdvancedChemicalEntries = "benzene",
search_results <- websearch_ecotox(search_fields)

## End(Not run)

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