cite_ecotox: Cite the downloaded copy of the ECOTOX database

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Cite the downloaded copy of the ECOTOX database


[Stable] Cite the downloaded copy of the ECOTOX database and this package for reproducible results.


cite_ecotox(path = get_ecotox_path(), version)



A character string with the path to the location of the local database \(default is get_ecotox_path()\).


A character string referring to the release version of the database you wish to locate. It should have the same format as the date in the EPA download link, which is month, day, year, separated by underscores ("%m_%d_%Y"). When missing, the most recent available copy is selected automatically.


When you download a copy of the EPA ECOTOX database using download_ecotox_data(), a BibTex file is stored that registers the database release version and the access (= download) date. Use this function to obtain a citation to that specific download.

In order for others to reproduce your results, it is key to cite the data source as accurately as possible.


Returns a vector of bibentry()'s, containing a reference to the downloaded database and this package.


Pepijn de Vries


## Not run: 
## In order to cite downloaded database and this package:

## End(Not run)

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