Man pages for EEM
Read and Preprocess Fluorescence Excitation-Emission Matrix (EEM) Data

AppleJuiceApple juice
commonizeEEMSmooth out the different dimensions of EEM data
cutEEMCut portions of EEM
delScatteringDelete scattering rays
delScattering2Delete scattering rays
drawEEMDraw contour for EEM data
drawEEMggDraw contour for EEM data using ggplot2
EEMEEM: A package for reading and preprocessing fluorescence...
EEM-miscInternal functions for EEM package
extractExtract values from other models
findLocalMaxFind local maximum peaks
foldFold EEM matrix into a list
normalizeNormalize data
plotLoadingPlot loadings for EEM data
plotRegPlot regression coefficients for EEM data
plotScorePlot score for prcomp result
plotScoremPlot score matrix for prcomp result based on group
prcompnameCreate name for prcomp result
print.EEMPrint EEM
readEEMRead raw files and return a list
sub-.EEMSubset EEM list
summary.EEMSummarizeEEM EEM list
unfoldUnfold EEM list into a matrix
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