Man pages for ESEA
ESEA: Discovering the Dysregulated Pathways based on Edge Set Enrichment Analysis

calEdgeCorScoreCalculate the differential correlation score for edges
EdgesBackgrandDataThe data for the background set of edges
envDataThe variables in the environment variable 'envData' of the...
ESEA-internalESEA internal functions
ESEA.MainIdentify dysregulated pathways based on edge set enrichment...
ExampleDataThe example data in the environment variable of the system
GetEdgesBackgrandDataGet the data for background set of edges
GetExampleDataGet the example data
GetPathwayEdgeDataGet the edge sets of pathways
PathwayEdgeDataThe edge sets of pathways
PlotGlobEdgeCorProfilePlot global edge correlation profile
PlotPathwayGraphPlot the pathway-result network diagram
PlotRunEnrichmentPlot running Edge enrichment score
SavePathway2FileSave a pathway-result network to a file which can be input to...
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