Man pages for EnviroPRA
Environmental Probabilistic Risk Assessment Tools

ADDermal conctact with chemicals in soil
ADbootDermal conctact with chemicals in soil by bootstrap
AIRInhalation of airborne chemicals
AIRbootInhalation of airborne chemicals by bootstrap
conditionp-value significance checking function
DWIRChemical intake by Drinking Water
DWIRbootChemical intake by Drinking Water by bootstrap
EnviroPRA-packageEnvironmental Probabilistic Risk Assessment Tools
extr_parExtracts the fitted distribution parameters to be introduced...
Fit_dist_parameterReturns adjusted distribution parameters
fit_dist_testSummary of Godness-of-fit tests
HIHazard Index
HIdermalHazard Index for dermal contact
HIinhalHazard Index for inhalation of vapors
INHInhalation of resuspended soil particles
plot_fit_distGraphical representation of data fitting to a distribution
random_number_generatorRandom number generator
RISKdermalRisk for dermal contact
RISKInhalRisk for inhalation of vapors
samplerExecute sampling with replacement
sigSignificance level cheking function
SIRChemical intake by accidental soil ingestion
SIRbootChemical intake by accidental soil ingestion by bootstrap
VIChemical intake by ingestion of vegetables
VIbootChemical intake by ingestion of vegetables by bootstrap
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