Man pages for EnviroStat
Statistical Analysis of Environmental Space-Time Processes

bgridCreate a bi-orthogonal grid
comb.allEnumerate all combinations
corrfitEstimate location correlations
Disp.linkFunction to plot and link points in a dispersion-distance...
drawPlot the biorthogonal grid
EnviroStat-packageStatistical analysis of environmental space-time processes
Falternate3Simultaneous coordinate and variogram estimation
FdistInterpoint distances
Flamb2Lambert projection
FmgridGenerate a grid of points
FtransdrawInteractively choose smoothing parameter value
Fvariogfit3Fit an exponential or gaussian variogram
ldet.evalLog determinant of sub-covariances
location.NYLocations of New York ozone measuring stations.
ozone.NYNew York ozone concentration levels
pred.dist.simulSimulate from the predictive distribution
setplotSet up device for locations
sevalValue estimation using thin-plate spline
sinterpFitting a thin-plate spline
staircase.EMEstimate gauged sites hyperparameters
staircase.hyper.estEstimate hyperparameters of ungauged sites
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