Fmgrid: Generate a grid of points

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Function to generate points on a grid. Points are assembled in an n \times 2 matrix with NA's separating series of vertical and horizontal lines in the grid.


Fmgrid(xlim, ylim, xn = 8, xspace, xres, yn = 8, yspace, yres)



range in x-axis


range in y-axis

xn, yn

the number of vertical and horizontal lines, respectively. This parameter is overridden by xspace and yspace if specified.

xspace, yspace

the distance between successive vertical and horizontal lines, respectively

xres, yres

the distance between points generated along horizontal and vertical lines, respectively; if xres and yres are not specified, then points are generated only at the nodes of intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines. Note that these nodes appear in duplicate as sequences of points are generated first for the vertical lines and then for the horizontal lines.


A list containing the following named components:


coordinates of grid points


Indicator of points generated from vertical or horizontal line

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