EpiDynamics: Dynamic Models in Epidemiology

Mathematical models of infectious diseases in humans and animals. Both, deterministic and stochastic models can be simulated and plotted.

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AuthorOswaldo Santos Baquero [aut, cre], Fernando Silveira Marques [aut]
Date of publication2015-12-03 23:28:14
MaintainerOswaldo Santos Baquero <oswaldosant@gmail.com>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

EpiDynamics-package: The EpiDynamics Package

MultiStrainPartialImmunity: Partial immunity model that cycles (P 4.2).

PlotMods: Plot results of capm model functions

SEIR: SEIR model (2.6).

SEIR4AgeClasses: SEIR model with 4 age classes and yearly aging (P 3.4).

SEIRnStages: SEIR model with n stages (P 3.5).

SIR: Simple SIR model (P 2.1).

sir2AgeClasses: SIR model with 2 age classes (P 3.3).

SIR2Stages: SIR model with 2 age classes (P 3.3).

SIR2TypesImports: SIR model with two types of imports (P 6.6).

SIRAdditiveNoise: SIR model with constant additive noise (P 6.1).

SIRBirthDeath: SIR model with births and deaths (P 2.2).

SIRCarrierState: SIR model with carrier state (2.7).

SIRDemogStoch: SIR model with demographic stochasticity (P 6.4).

SIRInducedMortality: SIR model with disease induced mortality: Density-dependent...

SIRInducedMortality2: SIR model with disease induced mortality: frequency-dependent...

SIRPartialImmunity: SIR model with partial immunity (P 4.1).

SIRScaledAdditiveNoise: SIR model with Scaled additive noise (P 6.2).

SIRSinusoidalBirth: SIR model with sinusoidal births (P 5.3).

SIRSinusoidalForcing: SIR model with sinusoidal forcing (P 5.1).

SIRTauLeap: SIR model with tau leap method (P 6.5).

SIRTermTimeForcing: SIR model with corrected term-time forcing (P 5.2).

SIRVector: SIR model for mosquito vectors (P 4.4).

SIS: Simple SIS model (P 2.5).

SIS2RiskGroups: SIS model with 2 risk groups (P 3.1).

SISDemogStoch: SIS model with demographic stochasticity (P 6.3).

SISinusoidalTransmBrith: Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease model with sinusoidal transmission...

SISnRiskGroups: SIS model with multiple risk groups (P 3.2).

SISPairwiseApprox: Pairwise SIS approximation model (P 7.8).


EpiDynamics-package Man page
MultiStrainPartialImmunity Man page
PlotMods Man page
SEIR Man page
SEIR4AgeClasses Man page
SEIRnStages Man page
SIR Man page
sir2AgeClasses Man page
SIR2Stages Man page
SIR2TypesImports Man page
SIRAdditiveNoise Man page
SIRBirthDeath Man page
SIRCarrierState Man page
SIRDemogStoch Man page
SIRInducedMortality Man page
SIRInducedMortality2 Man page
SIRPartialImmunity Man page
SIRScaledAdditiveNoise Man page
SIRSinusoidalBirth Man page
SIRSinusoidalForcing Man page
SIRTauLeap Man page
SIRTermTimeForcing Man page
SIRVector Man page
SIS Man page
SIS2RiskGroups Man page
SISDemogStoch Man page
SISinusoidalTransmBrith Man page
SISnRiskGroups Man page
SISPairwiseApprox Man page

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