Man pages for EpiDynamics
Dynamic Models in Epidemiology

EpiDynamics-packageThe EpiDynamics Package
MultiStrainPartialImmunityPartial immunity model that cycles (P 4.2).
PlotModsPlot results of capm model functions
SEIRSEIR model (2.6).
SEIR4AgeClassesSEIR model with 4 age classes and yearly aging (P 3.4).
SEIRnStagesSEIR model with n stages (P 3.5).
SIRSimple SIR model (P 2.1).
sir2AgeClassesSIR model with 2 age classes (P 3.3).
SIR2StagesSIR model with 2 age classes (P 3.3).
SIR2TypesImportsSIR model with two types of imports (P 6.6).
SIRAdditiveNoiseSIR model with constant additive noise (P 6.1).
SIRBirthDeathSIR model with births and deaths (P 2.2).
SIRCarrierStateSIR model with carrier state (2.7).
SIRDemogStochSIR model with demographic stochasticity (P 6.4).
SIRInducedMortalitySIR model with disease induced mortality: Density-dependent...
SIRInducedMortality2SIR model with disease induced mortality: frequency-dependent...
SIRPartialImmunitySIR model with partial immunity (P 4.1).
SIRScaledAdditiveNoiseSIR model with Scaled additive noise (P 6.2).
SIRSinusoidalBirthSIR model with sinusoidal births (P 5.3).
SIRSinusoidalForcingSIR model with sinusoidal forcing (P 5.1).
SIRTauLeapSIR model with tau leap method (P 6.5).
SIRTermTimeForcingSIR model with corrected term-time forcing (P 5.2).
SIRVectorSIR model for mosquito vectors (P 4.4).
SISSimple SIS model (P 2.5).
SIS2RiskGroupsSIS model with 2 risk groups (P 3.1).
SISDemogStochSIS model with demographic stochasticity (P 6.3).
SISinusoidalTransmBrithRabbit Hemorrhagic Disease model with sinusoidal transmission...
SISnRiskGroupsSIS model with multiple risk groups (P 3.2).
SISPairwiseApproxPairwise SIS approximation model (P 7.8).
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