EvCombR: Evidence Combination in R

Package for combining pieces of evidence

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AuthorAlexander Karlsson
Date of publication2014-04-24 18:24:54
MaintainerAlexander Karlsson <alexander.karlsson@his.se>
LicenseMIT + file LICENSE

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Man pages

cComb: Credal Combination Operator (restricted to intervals)

cComb-methods: Methods for Function 'cComb'

credal: Constructor Function for Credal Sets (based on intervals)

credal-class: Class '"credal"'

credal-methods: Methods for Function 'credal'

dComb: Dempster's Combination Operator

dComb-methods: Methods for Function 'dComb'

disc: Discounting Operator

disc-methods: Methods for Function 'disc'

EvCombR-package: EvCombR - Evidence Combination in R

extPoints: Extreme Points of a Credal Set

extPoints-methods: Methods for Function 'extPoints'

focal: Focal Elements of a Mass Function

focal_-: Replacement Function for Focal Elements

focal_--methods: Methods for Function 'focal<-'

focal-methods: Methods for Function 'focal'

lower: Lower Bounds Based on Evidence Structure

lower-methods: Methods for Function 'lower'

mass: Constructor Function for Mass Functions

mass-class: Class '"mass"'

mass-methods: Methods for Function 'mass'

massQ-class: Class '"massQ"'

mComb: Modified Dempster's Combination Operator

mComb-methods: Methods for Function 'mComb'

pign: Pignistic Tranformation

pign-methods: Methods for Function 'pign'

relPl: Relative Plausibility Transform

relPl-methods: Methods for Function 'relPl'

space: State Space of and Evidence Structure

space_-: Replacement Function for State Space

space_--methods: Methods for Function 'space<-'

space-methods: Methods for Function 'space'

upper: Upper Bounds Based on Evidence Structure

upper-methods: Methods for Function 'upper'

yComb: Yager's Combination Operator

yComb-methods: Methods for Function 'yComb'

z[_--methods: Methods for Function '[<-'

z[-methods: Methods for Function '['

z[[_--methods: Methods for Function '[[<-'

z[[-methods: Methods for Function '[['


cComb Man page
cComb,credal,credal-method Man page
cComb,list,missing-method Man page
credal Man page
[<-,credal,ANY,ANY-method Man page
[,credal,ANY,ANY-method Man page
credal-class Man page
credal,matrix,character,missing-method Man page
credal-methods Man page
credal,numeric,missing,character-method Man page
credal,numeric,numeric,character-method Man page
dComb Man page
dComb,list,missing-method Man page
dComb,mass,mass-method Man page
dComb-methods Man page
disc Man page
disc,mass,numeric-method Man page
disc-methods Man page
EvCombR Man page
EvCombR-package Man page
extPoints Man page
extPoints,credal-method Man page
extPoints-methods Man page
focal Man page
focal<- Man page
focal<-,mass,list-method Man page
focal,mass-method Man page
focal<--methods Man page
focal-methods Man page
lower Man page
lower,credal,character-method Man page
lower,credal,missing-method Man page
lower,mass,character-method Man page
lower,mass,missing-method Man page
lower-methods Man page
mass Man page
[<-,mass,character,missing-method Man page
[,mass,character,missing-method Man page
[[<-,mass,character,missing-method Man page
[[,mass,character,missing-method Man page
mass-class Man page
mass,list,character-method Man page
mass,massQ,missing-method Man page
mass-methods Man page
massQ-class Man page
mComb Man page
mComb,list,list,missing-method Man page
mComb,list,missing,missing-method Man page
mComb,mass,mass,list-method Man page
mComb,mass,mass,missing-method Man page
mComb-methods Man page
[<--methods Man page
[-methods Man page
[[<--methods Man page
[[-methods Man page
pign Man page
pign,mass-method Man page
pign-methods Man page
relPl Man page
relPl,mass-method Man page
relPl-methods Man page
space Man page
space<- Man page
space<-,credal,character-method Man page
space,credal-method Man page
space<-,mass,character-method Man page
space,mass-method Man page
space<--methods Man page
space-methods Man page
upper Man page
upper,credal,character-method Man page
upper,credal,missing-method Man page
upper,mass,character-method Man page
upper,mass,missing-method Man page
upper-methods Man page
yComb Man page
yComb,list,missing-method Man page
yComb,mass,mass-method Man page
yComb-methods Man page

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