Man pages for EvCombR
Evidence Combination in R

cCombCredal Combination Operator (restricted to intervals)
cComb-methodsMethods for Function 'cComb'
credalConstructor Function for Credal Sets (based on intervals)
credal-classClass '"credal"'
credal-methodsMethods for Function 'credal'
dCombDempster's Combination Operator
dComb-methodsMethods for Function 'dComb'
discDiscounting Operator
disc-methodsMethods for Function 'disc'
EvCombR-packageEvCombR - Evidence Combination in R
extPointsExtreme Points of a Credal Set
extPoints-methodsMethods for Function 'extPoints'
focalFocal Elements of a Mass Function
focal_-Replacement Function for Focal Elements
focal_--methodsMethods for Function 'focal<-'
focal-methodsMethods for Function 'focal'
lowerLower Bounds Based on Evidence Structure
lower-methodsMethods for Function 'lower'
massConstructor Function for Mass Functions
mass-classClass '"mass"'
mass-methodsMethods for Function 'mass'
massQ-classClass '"massQ"'
mCombModified Dempster's Combination Operator
mComb-methodsMethods for Function 'mComb'
pignPignistic Tranformation
pign-methodsMethods for Function 'pign'
relPlRelative Plausibility Transform
relPl-methodsMethods for Function 'relPl'
spaceState Space of and Evidence Structure
space_-Replacement Function for State Space
space_--methodsMethods for Function 'space<-'
space-methodsMethods for Function 'space'
upperUpper Bounds Based on Evidence Structure
upper-methodsMethods for Function 'upper'
yCombYager's Combination Operator
yComb-methodsMethods for Function 'yComb'
z[_--methodsMethods for Function '[<-'
z[-methodsMethods for Function '['
z[[_--methodsMethods for Function '[[<-'
z[[-methodsMethods for Function '[['
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