Man pages for ExPanDaR
Explore Your Data Interactively

ExPanDExplore Your Data (ExPanD)
ExPanDaRExPanDaR: Explore Panel Data with R
ExPanD_config_russell_3000Default Configuration to use with ExPanD and the Russell 3000...
ExPanD_config_worldbankDefault Configuration to Use with ExPanD and the 'worldbank'...
prepare_by_group_bar_graphPrepares a by Group Bar Graph
prepare_by_group_trend_graphPrepares a By Group Trend Graph
prepare_by_group_violin_graphPrepares a by Group Violin Graph
prepare_correlation_graphPrepares a Correlation Graph
prepare_correlation_tablePrepares a Correlation Table
prepare_descriptive_tablePrepares a Table of Descriptive Statistics
prepare_ext_obs_tablePrepares a Table Displaying Extreme Observations
prepare_missing_values_graphPrepares a Graph Displaying Missing Values in Panel Data
prepare_quantile_trend_graphPrepares a Quantile Trend Graph
prepare_regression_tablePrepares a Regression Table
prepare_scatter_plotPrepares a Scatter Plot
prepare_trend_graphPrepares a Trend Graph
russell_3000Annual Financial Accounting and Stock Return Data for a...
russell_3000_data_defData Definitions for 'russell_3000' Data Set
treat_outliersTreats Outliers in Numerical Data
worldbankA Snapshot of Macroeconomic Data as Provided by the World...
worldbank_data_defData Definitions for 'worldbank' Data Set
worldbank_var_defVariable Definitions to Construct an Analysis Sample Based on...
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