Man pages for ExtDist
Extending the Range of Functions for Probability Distributions

bestDistFinding the best distribution for a (weighted) sample.
BetaThe Standard Beta Distribution.
Beta_abThe four-parameter beta distribution.
BurrThe Burr Distribution.
compareDistCompare a sample to one or more fitted distributions
DistSelCriteriaDistribution Selection Criteria.
eDistS3 methods for manipulating eDist objects.
eval.estimationParameter Estimation Evaluation.
ExponentialThe Exponential Distribution.
ExtDist-packageExtended Probability Distribution Functions
GammaThe Gamma Distribution.
GumbelThe Gumbel distribution
JohnsonSBThe Johnson SB distribution.
JohnsonSUThe Johnson SU distribution.
LaplaceThe Laplace Distribution.
LogisticThe Logistic Distribution.
NormalThe Normal Distribution.
Normal_sym_trunc_abThe symmetric truncated normal distribution.
Normal_trunc_abThe truncated normal distribution.
SRTB_abThe symmetric-reflected truncated beta (SRTB) distribution.
SSRTBThe standard symmetric-reflected truncated beta (SSRTB)...
TriangularThe Triangular Distribution.
UniformThe Uniform Distribution.
WeibullThe Weibull Distribution.
wmleWeighted Maximum Likelihood Estimation.
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