floodsNB: New Brunswick (Canada) Flood Dataset

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floodsNB is a list object containing the hydrometric stations considered for analysis... Each element from the list corresponds to an hydrometric station located in the Canadian province of New Brunswick, for which the flow is unregulated. For each station, the following information is available:

  • data: Maximum annual daily mean discharge (in m^3/s);

  • peak: Maximum annual daily peak discharge (in m^3/s);

  • ln.drain: Natural logarithm of the drainage area (in km^2);

  • coor: Coordinates (in latitude and longitude) of the hydrometric station;

  • status: Station's status - Active or Inactive;

  • Aucoin.2001: Whether or not (TRUE or FALSE) the station is retained for analysis in ....




A list object whose elements correspond to distinct hydrometric stations.


HYDAT database.


Environment Canada: http://www.ec.gc.ca/rhc-wsc/default.asp?lang=En&n=894E91BE-1

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