FIACH: Retrospective Noise Control for fMRI

Useful functions for fMRI preprocessing.

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AuthorTim Tierney
Date of publication2015-10-09 10:28:48
MaintainerTim Tierney <>

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Man pages

arrMat: Array to matrix transformation.

badData: Identifies spurious observations

basisFunctions: Informed basis set

boldContrast: Maximum Theoretical BOLD signal observable

colMad: Compute Column Median Absolute Deviations

colMedian: Compute Column Medians

colsd: Compute column standard deviations

convolve1d: Finite Impulse Response filter

datatypes: Supported Datatypes

dilate: Separable Flat dilation

erode: Separable Flat Erosion

fd: Framewise Displacement

fftN: Zero Padded 1D Fourier transform

fiach: FIACH

gaussKernel: 1 dimensional Gaussian smoothing kernel

getDatatype: Determine Datatype

gmm: Gaussian Mixture Model

GUI: Graphical User Interface for using the fiach function.

hampel: Hampel Filter

highBasis: High pass filter basis set

highPass: SPM high pass filter

kaiserWin: Kaiser Window

kmeansMask: Binarize vector, matrix or array

lowBasis: Low pass filter basis set

matArr: Matrix to Array Transformation.

naSpline: Interpolate NAs

plot.gmm: Plot a Gaussian Mixture Model

pseudo: Pseudoinverse.

quantMask: Compute the Mask Vector

rawPeriodogram: Raw Periodogram

readNii: Input function for fmri data

rowMad: Compute row Median Absolute Deviations

rowMedian: Compute Row Medians

rowsd: Compute row standard deviations

rp: Realignment parameters

selectR: Interactive File Selector

sepConvolve3d: Fast 3d Convolution

sinc: Sinc Pulse

spmHrf: Canonical Haemodynamic Response Function.

spmOrth: Serial Orthogonalisation

t2Grey: Transverse Relaxation

t2sGrey: Effective Transverse Relaxation

viewR: Interactive Medical Image Viewer

zeroNa: Zero non finite values


arrMat Man page
badData Man page
basisFunctions Man page
boldContrast Man page
colMad Man page
colMedian Man page
colsd Man page
convolve1d Man page
datatypes Man page
dilate Man page
erode Man page
fd Man page
fftN Man page
fiach Man page
gaussKernel Man page
getDatatype Man page
gmm Man page
GUI Man page
hampel Man page
highBasis Man page
highPass Man page
kaiserWin Man page
kmeansMask Man page
lowBasis Man page
matArr Man page
naSpline Man page
plot.gmm Man page
pseudo Man page
quantMask Man page
rawPeriodogram Man page
readNii Man page
rowMad Man page
rowMedian Man page
rowsd Man page
rp Man page
selectR Man page
sepConvolve3d Man page
sinc Man page
spmHrf Man page
spmOrth Man page
t2Grey Man page
t2sGrey Man page
viewR Man page
zeroNa Man page

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