Man pages for FIACH
Retrospective Noise Control for fMRI

arrMatArray to matrix transformation.
badDataIdentifies spurious observations
basisFunctionsInformed basis set
boldContrastMaximum Theoretical BOLD signal observable
colMadCompute Column Median Absolute Deviations
colMedianCompute Column Medians
colsdCompute column standard deviations
convolve1dFinite Impulse Response filter
datatypesSupported Datatypes
dilateSeparable Flat dilation
erodeSeparable Flat Erosion
fdFramewise Displacement
fftNZero Padded 1D Fourier transform
gaussKernel1 dimensional Gaussian smoothing kernel
getDatatypeDetermine Datatype
gmmGaussian Mixture Model
GUIGraphical User Interface for using the fiach function.
hampelHampel Filter
highBasisHigh pass filter basis set
highPassSPM high pass filter
kaiserWinKaiser Window
kmeansMaskBinarize vector, matrix or array
lowBasisLow pass filter basis set
matArrMatrix to Array Transformation.
naSplineInterpolate NAs
plot.gmmPlot a Gaussian Mixture Model
quantMaskCompute the Mask Vector
rawPeriodogramRaw Periodogram
readNiiInput function for fmri data
rowMadCompute row Median Absolute Deviations
rowMedianCompute Row Medians
rowsdCompute row standard deviations
rpRealignment parameters
selectRInteractive File Selector
sepConvolve3dFast 3d Convolution
sincSinc Pulse
spmHrfCanonical Haemodynamic Response Function.
spmOrthSerial Orthogonalisation
t2GreyTransverse Relaxation
t2sGreyEffective Transverse Relaxation
viewRInteractive Medical Image Viewer
zeroNaZero non finite values
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