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Transcriptomic Dynamics Models in Field Conditions

convert.attributeConverts attribute data from a dataframe into an object.
convert.expressionconverts expression data from a dataframe into an object.
convert.weatherConverts weather data from a dataframe into an object.
convert.weightConverts regression weight data from a dataframe into an...
FITFIT: a statistical modeling tool for transcriptome dynamics...
fit.modelsA raw API for fixing linear regression coefficients.
initA raw API for initializing model parameters.
load.attributeLoads attribute data.
load.expressionLoads expression data.
load.weatherLoads weather data.
load.weightLoads regression weight data.
make.recipeCreates a recipe for training models.
make.trivial.weightsMakes trivial weight data
optimA raw API for optimizing model parameters.
predictPredicts gene expressions using pretrained models.
prediction.errorsComputes the prediction errors using the trained models.
trainConstructs models following a recipe.
weather.entriesSupported weather factors.
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