FREGAT-package: FREGAT: Family REGional Association Tests

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The FREGAT package supplies the most common and efficient tests for the region-based association analysis aimed at identification of rare genetic variants for family-based, genetically related or population samples. Tests implemented are FFBSKAT (fast family-based sequence kernel association test), FFBSKAT optimal, famBT (family burden test), famFLM (family functional linear model, a functional data analysis approach), and MLR (standard multiple linear regression). The methods provide regional association testing of a set of SNPs with a continuous phenotype in the presence of additional covariates and within-family correlations.


Package: FREGAT
Type: Package
License: GPLv3


Nadezhda Belonogova <>
Gulnara Svishcheva <>

The authors are very grateful to Dr. Anatoly Kirichenko for technical support
and Prof. Tatiana Axenovich for scientific guidance.


Belonogova N.M., Svishcheva G.R., Axenovich T.I. (2016) FREGAT: an R package for region-based association analysis. Bioinformatics, V32(15), P. 2392-2393.

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