FREddyPro: Post-Processing EddyPro Full Output File

Despike, ustar filtering, plotting, footprint modelling and general post-processing of a standard EddyPro full output file (LI-COR Inc 2011-2015 <>).

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AuthorGeorgios Xenakis
Date of publication2016-09-11 19:14:19
MaintainerGeorgios Xenakis <>

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Man pages

addSiteName: Create an extra column in a data frame with the name of the...

Average: Average flux footprint

buildTimestamp: Build a timestamp

Calculate: Kormann and Meixner 2001 flux footprint model

calculateFootprint: Minimum argument footprint calculation

calculatePercentFootprint: Calculate Percent Footprint

cleanFluxes: Cleaning and de-spiking fluxes

cleanSecondVar: Clean a second variable

cleanVar: Clean a variable

cleanVarG: Clean a variable above a threshold

cleanVarL: Clean a variable below a threshold

continuity: Check timeseries continuity

createTimestamp: Create a time stamp

distClean: Distributional cleaning

exportFootprintPoints: Write footprint as points

fillTimestamp: Fill timestamp gaps

fluxes: Fluxes from Harwood forest

FREddyPro-package: Post-Processing EddyPro Full Output File

harwood: CSV EddyPro output file for Harwood forest

lue_model: Light use efficiency model

midpoints: Mid-point of a class

percentNA: Percent of NA values

percentQC: Percent of each QC

plotDaily: Plot average daily patterns

plotDiurnal: Plot average diurnal patterns

plotFingerprint: Plot a fingerprint graph

plotFootprint: Plot a tower footprint

plotMonthly: Plot monthly averages

plotQC: Plot using QC flags

plotSpectra: Plot spectra

plotTimeseries: Plot a time series plot

plotWindrose: Plot a wind rose

polar2cart: Polar to cartesian

qcClean: Clean using QC flag

readEddyPro: Read EddyPro full output

readFile: Read a file

removeDuplicates: Remove duplicates

removeOutliers: Remove outliers

rotateMatrix: Rotate a matrix

sdClean: Clean using standard deviation

spectra: Ensemble spectra from semi-enclosed IRGA at Harwood forest

ustarThreshold: Find the u* threshold


addSiteName Man page
Average Man page
buildTimestamp Man page
Calculate Man page
calculateFootprint Man page
calculatePercentFootprint Man page
cleanFluxes Man page
cleanSecondVar Man page
cleanVar Man page
cleanVarG Man page
cleanVarL Man page
continuity Man page
createTimestamp Man page
distClean Man page
exportFootprintPoints Man page
fillTimestamp Man page
fluxes Man page
FREddyPro Man page
FREddyPro-package Man page
harwood Man page
lue_model Man page
midpoints Man page
percentNA Man page
percentQC Man page
plotDaily Man page
plotDiurnal Man page
plotFingerprint Man page
plotFootprint Man page
plotMonthly Man page
plotQC Man page
plotSpectra Man page
plotTimeseries Man page
plotWindrose Man page
polar2cart Man page
qcClean Man page
readEddyPro Man page
readFile Man page
removeDuplicates Man page
removeOutliers Man page
rotateMatrix Man page
sdClean Man page
spectra Man page
ustarThreshold Man page


R/distClean.r R/fillTimestamp.r R/removeOutliers.r R/removeDuplicates.r R/plotQC.r R/calculateFootprint.r R/readEddyPro.r R/plotMonthly.r R/continuity.r R/functions.r R/cleanFluxes.r R/rotateMatrix.r R/writeFootprintPoints.r R/cleanVarL.r R/readFile.r R/plotFootprint.r R/percentQC.r R/plotDiurnal.r R/plotSpectra.r R/sdClean.r R/plotWindrose.r R/buildTimestamp.r R/cleanSecondVar.r R/qcClean.r R/cleanVarG.r R/midpoints.r R/addSiteName.r R/calculatePercentFootprint.r R/cleanVar.r R/polar2cart.r R/ustar_threshold.r R/percentNA.r R/plotTimeseries.r R/lue_model.r R/createTimestamp.r R/plotFingerprint.r R/footprint.r R/plotDaily.r
man/calculatePercentFootprint.Rd man/readEddyPro.Rd man/exportFootprintPoints.Rd man/lue_model.Rd man/cleanVar.Rd man/calculateFootprint.Rd man/polar2cart.Rd man/ustarThreshold.Rd man/cleanVarL.Rd man/qcClean.Rd man/percentQC.Rd man/sdClean.Rd man/plotTimeseries.Rd man/spectra.Rd man/buildTimestamp.Rd man/rotateMatrix.Rd man/plotQC.Rd man/plotDiurnal.Rd man/readFile.Rd man/harwood.Rd man/cleanFluxes.Rd man/continuity.Rd man/cleanVarG.Rd man/plotMonthly.Rd man/Average.Rd man/createTimestamp.Rd man/removeDuplicates.Rd man/midpoints.Rd man/fluxes.Rd man/FREddyPro-package.Rd man/cleanSecondVar.Rd man/plotWindrose.Rd man/Calculate.Rd man/plotDaily.Rd man/removeOutliers.Rd man/plotFingerprint.Rd man/percentNA.Rd man/plotFootprint.Rd man/distClean.Rd man/plotSpectra.Rd man/fillTimestamp.Rd man/addSiteName.Rd

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