Man pages for FREddyPro
Post-Processing EddyPro Full Output File

addSiteNameCreate an extra column in a data frame with the name of the...
AverageAverage flux footprint
buildTimestampBuild a timestamp
CalculateKormann and Meixner 2001 flux footprint model
calculateFootprintMinimum argument footprint calculation
calculatePercentFootprintCalculate Percent Footprint
cleanFluxesCleaning and de-spiking fluxes
cleanSecondVarClean a second variable
cleanVarClean a variable
cleanVarGClean a variable above a threshold
cleanVarLClean a variable below a threshold
continuityCheck timeseries continuity
createTimestampCreate a time stamp
distCleanDistributional cleaning
exportFootprintPointsWrite footprint as points
fillTimestampFill timestamp gaps
fluxesFluxes from Harwood forest
FREddyPro-packagePost-Processing EddyPro Full Output File
harwoodCSV EddyPro output file for Harwood forest
lue_modelLight use efficiency model
midpointsMid-point of a class
percentNAPercent of NA values
percentQCPercent of each QC
plotDailyPlot average daily patterns
plotDiurnalPlot average diurnal patterns
plotFingerprintPlot a fingerprint graph
plotFootprintPlot a tower footprint
plotMonthlyPlot monthly averages
plotQCPlot using QC flags
plotSpectraPlot spectra
plotTimeseriesPlot a time series plot
plotWindrosePlot a wind rose
polar2cartPolar to cartesian
qcCleanClean using QC flag
readEddyProRead EddyPro full output
readFileRead a file
removeDuplicatesRemove duplicates
removeOutliersRemove outliers
rotateMatrixRotate a matrix
sdCleanClean using standard deviation
spectraEnsemble spectra from semi-enclosed IRGA at Harwood forest
ustarThresholdFind the u* threshold
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