Man pages for FRK
Fixed Rank Kriging

AIRS_05_2003AIRS data for May 2003
Am_dataAmericium soil data
auto_basisAutomatic basis-function placement
auto_BAUsAutomatic BAU generation
BasisGeneric basis-function constructor
Basis-classBasis functions
Basis_data.frameBasis-function data frame object
BAUs_from_pointsCreates pixels around points
combine_basisCombine basis functions
df_to_SpatialPolygonsConvert data frame to SpatialPolygons
distanceCompute distance
distancesPre-configured distances
dist-matrixDistance Matrix Computation from Two Matrices
draw_worldDraw a map of the world with country boundaries.
eval_basisEvaluate basis functions
info_fitRetrieve fit information for SRE model
isea3hISEA Aperture 3 Hexagon (ISEA3H) Discrete Global Grid
local_basisConstruct a set of local basis functions
loglikRetrieve log-likelihood
manifoldRetrieve manifold
MODIS_cloud_dfMODIS cloud data
nbasisNumber of basis functions
NOAA_df_1990NOAA maximum temperature data for 1990-1993
nresReturn the number of resolutions
observed_BAUsObserved (or unobserved) BAUs
opts_FRKFRK options
plotPlot predictions from FRK analysis
plot_spatial_or_STPlot a Spatial*DataFrame or STFDF object
plotting-themesPlotting themes
real_linereal line
remove_basisRemoves basis functions
show_basisShow basis functions
SpatialPolygonsDataFrame_to_dfSpatialPolygonsDataFrame to df
SREConstruct SRE object, fit and predict
SRE-classSpatial Random Effects class
SRE.predictDeprecated: Please use 'predict'
STplaneplane in space-time
STsphereSpace-time sphere
TensorPTensor product of basis functions
typeType of manifold
worldmapWorld map
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