FSAdata: Data to support the FSA package.

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This package contains data to support the FSA package.




An object of class character of length 16.


This package contains additional data files that can be used for common fisheries stock assessment methods described in the FSA package and on the fishR website.

The help files for these datasets are embedded with topics that can be searched to find data files that can be analyzed with those topics. For example, use the following commands to find data files for the corresponding topics.

help.search("Length Expansion",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Expand subsampled lengths.
help.search("Length Conversion",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Convert between length types.
help.search("Age Comparison",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Ageing (error, precision, or comparison).
help.search("Age-Length Key",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Age-Length Key data.
help.search("Weight-Length",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Weight-length model data.
help.search("Length Frequency",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Length frequency data.
help.search("Size Structure",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Size structure data.
help.search("Abundance",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Data for abundance estimates.
help.search("Capture-Recapture",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Mark-recapture data.
help.search("Mark-Recapture",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Mark-recapture data.
help.search("Capture History",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Capture history mark-recapture (compare to summarized data) data.
help.search("Petersen",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Petersen mark-recapture (closed population, single sample).
help.search("Schnabel",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Schnabel mark-recapture (closed population, multiple samples).
help.search("Jolly-Seber",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Jolly-Seber mark-recapture (open population, multiple samples).
help.search("Depletion",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Depletion (Leslie, DeLury) methods for estimating abundance.
help.search("Removal",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Removal (K-pass) methods for estimating abundance.
help.search("Mortality",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Data for mortality estimation.
help.search("Catch curve",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Catch curve.
help.search("Growth",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Growth model data.
help.search("Recruitment",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Stock-recruitment and recruitment time-series data.
help.search("Maturity",package=c("FSAdata","FSA")) Maturity data.

Additional fisheries-related data sets are in the FSA and fishmethods packages.

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