Man pages for FateID
Quantification of Fate Bias in Multipotent Progenitors

compdrComputation of dimensional reduction representations
diffexpnbFunction for differential expression analysis
fateBiasComputation of fate bias
filtersetFunction for filtering expression data
gene2geneComparative plot of the expression levels of two genes
getFeatFeature selection based on differentially expressed genes
getPartInference of a cell type partition
getsomTopological ordering of pseudo-temporal expression profiles
impGenesExtract genes with high importance values for random forest...
intestineSingle-cell transcriptome data of intestinal epithelial cells
plotdiffgenesnbFunction for plotting differentially expressed genes
plotexpressionPlotting of pseudo-temporal expression profiles
plotexpressionProfilePlotting smoothed pseudo-temporal expression profiles for...
plotFateMapPlot dimensional reduction representation of the expression...
plotheatmapHeatmap of expression profiles
prcurveComputation of a principal curve for a given dimensional...
procsomProcessing of self-organizing maps for pseudo-temporal...
reclassifyReclassification of cells
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