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This dataset results of a simulation on the basis of Sierpinski-Carpet with a [p,p,p,q]-model with fixed values of p = 0.6 and q = 0.3. Data was simulated in JAVA and every cell of data is filled with either zeros or ones. It is a simulation example for breast mammography screenings where the result is a black and white picture and values zero and ones stand for black and white.




A data frame with 81 observations on the following 81 variables. These 81 variables result from 3^4, which means fourth ramification of Sierpinski-Carpet.


Hermann, P., Mrkvicka, T., Mattfeldt, T., Minarova, M., Helisova, K., Nicolis, O., Wartner, F., and Stehlik, M. (2015). Fractal and stochastic Geometry Inference for Breast Cancer: a Case Study with Random Fractal Models and Quermass-Interaction Process. Statistics in Medicine, 34(18), 2636-2661. doi: 10.1002/sim.6497.

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