Frames2: Estimation in Dual Frame Surveys

Point and interval estimation in dual frame surveys. In contrast to classic sampling theory, where only one sampling frame is considered, dual frame methodology assumes that there are two frames available for sampling and that, overall, they cover the entire target population. Then, two probability samples (one from each frame) are drawn and information collected is suitably combined to get estimators of the parameter of interest.

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AuthorAntonio Arcos <>, Maria del Mar Rueda <>, Maria Giovanna Ranalli <> and David Molina <>
Date of publication2015-12-12 09:49:54
MaintainerDavid Molina <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

BKA: Bankier-Kalton-Anderson estimator

CalDF: DF calibration estimator

CalSF: SF calibration estimator

Compare: Summary of estimators

CovHT: Covariance estimator between two Horvitz - Thompson...

Dat: Joint sample database

DatA: Database of household expenses for frame A

DatB: Database of household expenses for frame B

DatMA: Database of students' program choice for frame A

DatMB: Database of students' program choice for frame B

DatPopM: Database of auxiliary information for the whole population of...

Domains: Domains

FB: Fuller-Burmeister estimator

Frame-internal: Internal Frame Functions

Hartley: Hartley estimator

HT: Horvitz - Thompson estimator

JackBKA: Confidence intervals for Bankier-Kalton-Anderson estimator...

JackCalDF: Confidence intervals for dual frame calibration estimator...

JackCalSF: Confidence intervals for SF calibration estimator based on...

JackFB: Confidence intervals for Fuller-Burmeister estimator based on...

JackHartley: Confidence intervals for Hartley estimator based on jackknife...

JackMLCDF: Confidence intervals for MLCDF estimator based on jackknife...

JackMLCDW: Confidence intervals for MLCDW estimator based on jackknife...

JackMLCSW: Confidence intervals for MLCSW estimator based on jackknife...

JackMLDF: Confidence intervals for MLDF estimator based on jackknife...

JackMLDW: Confidence intervals for MLDW estimator based on jackknife...

JackMLSW: Confidence intervals for MLSW estimator based on jackknife...

JackPEL: Confidence intervals for the pseudo empirical likelihood...

JackPML: Confidence intervals for the pseudo maximum likelihood...

JackSFRR: Confidence intervals for raking ratio estimator based on...

MLCDF: Multinomial logistic calibration estimator under dual frame...

MLCDW: Multinomial logistic calibration estimator under dual frame...

MLCSW: Multinomial logistic calibration estimator under single frame...

MLDF: Multinomial logistic estimator under dual frame approach with...

MLDW: Multinomial logistic estimator under dual frame approach with...

MLSW: Multinomial logistic estimator under single frame approach...

PEL: Pseudo empirical likelihood estimator

PiklA: Matrix of inclusion probabilities for units selected in...

PiklB: Matrix of inclusion probabilities for units selected in...

PML: Pseudo Maximum Likelihood estimator

SFRR: Raking ratio estimator

VarHT: Variance estimator of Horvitz - Thompson estimator

WeightsCalDF: g-weights for the dual frame calibration estimator

WeightsCalSF: g-weights for the SF calibration estimator


BKA Man page
CalDF Man page
CalSF Man page
Compare Man page
CovHT Man page
Dat Man page
DatA Man page
DatB Man page
DatMA Man page
DatMB Man page
DatPopM Man page
Domains Man page
FB Man page
Hartley Man page
HT Man page
JackBKA Man page
JackCalDF Man page
JackCalSF Man page
JackFB Man page
JackHartley Man page
JackMLCDF Man page
JackMLCDW Man page
JackMLCSW Man page
JackMLDF Man page
JackMLDW Man page
JackMLSW Man page
JackPEL Man page
JackPML Man page
JackSFRR Man page
Lag1 Man page
Lag2 Man page
MLCDF Man page
MLCDW Man page
MLCSW Man page
MLDF Man page
MLDW Man page
MLSW Man page
PEL Man page
PELConfInt Man page
PiklA Man page
PiklB Man page
PML Man page
SFRR Man page
VarHT Man page
WeightsCalDF Man page
WeightsCalSF Man page


inst/doc/estimation.R inst/doc/
R/CalSF.R R/JackHartley.R R/VarHT.R R/JackMLCSW.R R/DatA.R R/MLSW.R R/Hartley.R R/SFRR.R R/JackBKA.R R/JackCalDF.R R/JackFB.R R/DatB.R R/MLCDW.R R/JackMLCDF.R R/FB.R R/CalDF.R R/DatPopM.R R/JackPML.R R/PiklA.R R/JackMLSW.R R/Dat.R R/PiklB.R R/JackMLDW.R R/PML.R R/BKA.R R/WeightsCalDF.R R/JackMLCDW.R R/HT.R R/internal.R R/CovHT.R R/DatMB.R R/MLCDF.R R/Domains.R R/MLDF.R R/JackPEL.R R/WeightsCalSF.R R/JackSFRR.R R/PEL.R R/Compare.R R/DatMA.R R/JackCalSF.R R/MLDW.R R/JackMLDF.R R/MLCSW.R
man/JackHartley.Rd man/JackMLCSW.Rd man/HT.Rd man/Frame-internal.Rd man/JackCalSF.Rd man/CalDF.Rd man/FB.Rd man/Compare.Rd man/SFRR.Rd man/JackPEL.Rd man/PEL.Rd man/PiklB.Rd man/JackMLSW.Rd man/DatA.Rd man/JackSFRR.Rd man/JackFB.Rd man/JackMLCDW.Rd man/Domains.Rd man/WeightsCalDF.Rd man/MLDF.Rd man/DatMA.Rd man/Hartley.Rd man/JackBKA.Rd man/MLDW.Rd man/CovHT.Rd man/DatPopM.Rd man/BKA.Rd man/JackMLCDF.Rd man/DatB.Rd man/MLCSW.Rd man/WeightsCalSF.Rd man/JackMLDF.Rd man/DatMB.Rd man/MLSW.Rd man/MLCDW.Rd man/VarHT.Rd man/JackPML.Rd man/MLCDF.Rd man/JackCalDF.Rd man/PiklA.Rd man/JackMLDW.Rd man/PML.Rd man/CalSF.Rd man/Dat.Rd

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