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Genetic Algorithms

binary2decimalBinary encoding of decimal numbers and vice versa.
binary2grayGray encoding for binary strings
deDifferential Evolution via Genetic Algorithms
de-classClass "de"
gaGenetic Algorithms
ga-classClass "ga"
gaControlA function for setting or retrieving defaults genetic...
ga_CrossoverCrossover operators in genetic algorithms
GA-internalInternal GA functions
gaislIslands Genetic Algorithms
gaisl-classClass "gaisl"
gaMonitorMonitor genetic algorithm evolution
ga_MutationMutation operators in genetic algorithms
GA-packageGenetic Algorithms
ga_pmutationVariable mutation probability in genetic algorithms
ga_PopulationPopulation initialization in genetic algorithms
ga_SelectionSelection operators in genetic algorithms
gaSummarySummarize genetic algorithm evolution
numericOrNA-classVirtual Class "numericOrNA" - Simple Class for sub-assignment...
palettesColours palettes
parNames-methodsParameters or decision variables names from an object of...
persp3DPerspective plot with colour levels of Differential Evolution search path
plot.gaisl-methodPlot of Islands Genetic Algorithm search path of Genetic Algorithm search path for Differential Evolution
summary.gaisl-methodSummary for Islands Genetic Algorithms for Genetic Algorithms
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