Man pages for GADGET
Gaussian Process Approximations for Designing Experiments

bo09_toyTwo-Input Toy Model from Bastos and O'Hagan (2009)
create_gadget_infileCreate GADGET input files
design_experimentDesign Optimal Experiment using Gaussian Process Optimization
GADGETGaussian Process Approximations for Designing Experiment
gp_fitFit a Gaussian Process Model
gp_plotPlot 1D Gaussian Process Model
gp_residualsGaussian Process Residuals
gp_validateAutomated Gaussian Process Validation
print_logoPrint ASCII GADGET Logo
print_separatePrint Separator
sequential_experimentDesign and Run Sequential Computer Experiment
space_evalEvaluate Design Criterion on LHS
space_fillCreate Space-Filling Design
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