Man pages for GCalignR
Simple Peak Alignment for Gas-Chromatography Data

align_chromatogramsAligning peaks based on retention times
aligned_peak_dataAligned Gas-Chromatography data
align_peaksalign peaks individually among chromatograms
align_peaks_fastalign peaks individually among chromatograms aligned data in form of a data frame for each variable
blank_substractionSubtraction of blank readings from sample readings
check_inputCheck input prior to processing in GCalignR
choose_optimal_referenceSelect the optimal reference for full alignments of peak...
draw_chromatogramVisualise peak lists as a pseudo-chromatogram
find_peaksDetect local maxima in time series
GCalignRGCalignR: A Package to Align Gas Chromatography Peaks Based...
gc_heatmapVisualises peak alignments in form of a heatmap
linear_transformationFull Alignment of Peak Lists by linear retention time...
merge_redundant_rowsMerge redundant rows
norm_peaksNormalisation of peak abundancies
peak_dataGas-chromatography data for Antarctic Fur Seals...
peak_factorsGrouping factors corresponding to gas-chromatography data of...
peak_interspaceEstimate the observed space between peaks within...
plot.GCalignPlot diagnostics for an GCalign Object
print.GCalignSummarising Peak Alignments with GCalignR
read_empower2Import data from single EMPOWER2 HPLC files
read_peak_listRead content of a text file and convert it to a list
remove_blanksRemove peaks present in negative control samples
remove_singletonsRemove singletons
simple_chromaSimulate simple chromatograms
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