GEEaSPU-package: Adaptive Association Tests for Multiple Phenotypes using...

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Provides adaptive association tests for SNP level, gene level and pathway level analyses.


Functions for adaptive association tests including GEEaSPU, GEEaSPUset and GEEaSPUpath. These methods use a weighting scheme for testing associations with multiple phenotypes. GEEaSPU function computes a SNP level p value; GEEaSPUset function can be used for the SNP-set (gene) level association test, while GEEaSPUpath function is for the gene-set (pathway) level analysis.


Junghi Kim and Wei Pan


Kim J, Zhang Y, and Pan W (2016). "Powerful and adaptive testing for multi-trait and multi-SNP associations with GWAS and sequencing data." Genetics 203(2), 715–731.

Zhang Y, Xu Z, Shen, X and Pan W (2014). "Testing for association with multiple traits in generalized estimation equations, with application to neuroimaging data." NeuroImage 96, 309–325.

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