Man pages for GENEAclassify
Segmentation and Classification of Accelerometer Data

abssumdiffFinding the sum of the differences
changeTimesSelect Times as Segment Changepoints
classifyGENEAClassify Data into Categories defined in an rpart GENEA fit
createGENEAmodelCreate training data decision tree model
dataImportData import function
debiasdebias a vector
degreesExtract rotation time series
featuresGet features of a GENEA rpart fit
GENEAamplitudeFind average Amplitude of Steps
GENEAclassify-packageClassification of accelorometer data
GENEAcountCount Steps
GENEAdistanceFind the mean distance between two steps detected
GENEAratioPrincipal Frequency Ratio
GENEAskewSkewness, a measure of centredness
GENEAwavelengthFind average Wavelength of Steps
getGENEAsegmentsimport and segment one or more bin files.
getZerosFind Zero Crossing Points
head.GENEAbinGet features of a GENEActiv bin data object.
inGroupWhich values are in a new group?
levels.GENEAGet levels of a GENEA rpart response
meandiffFinding the mean of the differences
removeShortSegmentsRemove Short Segments from Data
runmeancalculate the running mean
sddiffFinding the standard deviation of the differences
segmentationPerform Segmentation on GENEActiv Accelerometer Data
stepCounterStep Counter
stepCounter2Step Counter 2
sumdiffFinding the sum of the differences
summariseColsPerform summary of vectors in the parent frame
TrainingDataExample Training Data set
trainingFitExample classification tree
updownExtract data relating to the up/down component
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