Man pages for GEOmap
Topographic and Geologic Mapping

addLLXYAdd Lat-Lon points using projection
addTIXAdd Tic marks to map
along.greatAlong A great Arc
antipolygonFill the complement of a polygon
BASICTOPOMAPBasic Topogrpahy Map
bcarsPlot Box Cars
boundGEOmapSet Bounds for GEOmap
CCcheckCounter Clockwise check
ccwCounter Clockwise Whorl
coastmapGlobal Coast Map
ColorScaleColor Scale
darcCircular Arc
DATUMinfoDatum information.
demcmapColor Map from DEM
difflonDifference between Longitudes
distazDistance and Azimuth from two points
dmsConvert decimal degrees to degree, minutes, seconds
DUMPLOCDUMP vectors to screen in list format
EHB.LLZEarthquake Location Data
Ellipsoidal.DistanceEllipsoidal Distance
eqswathExtract a set of eathquakes in swath along a cross sectional...
ExcludeGEOmapExclude GEOmap Strokes
expandboundExpand Bounds
explodeExplode Points
ExplodeSymbolsExplode symbols that overlap
faultdipShow Fault dip
faultperpFault Perpendiculars
fixCoastwrapCorrect the Wrapping problem
gclcGlobal to local coordinates
geoareaArea of Map objects
geoLEGENDGeological legend from GEOmap Structure
GEOmap.breaklineBreak a line at specified indeces into a list
GEOmap.breakpolyBreak up a polygon
GEOmap.catConcatenate Two GEOmaps
GEOmap.CombineStrokesCombine strokes in a GEOmap list
GEOmap.ExtractExtract from GEOmap
GEOmap.listGEOmap to list
GEOTOPOTopographic Plot of geographic region
getETOPOGet Subset ETOPO Digital elevation map
getGEOmapGet Geomap
getGEOperimGet Lat-Lon Perimeter
getgreatarcGreat Circle Arc
getmagsizeEarthquake Magnitude based on exponentional
getnicetixNice Looking Lat-Lon pairs for plotting
getsplineGet a spline curve along a set of points
getsplineGGet a spline curve along a set of points
GETXprofileCross sectional profile through a digital elevation map
GLOBE.ORTHPlot globe with orthogonal
GlobeViewGlobal Plot
gmatGlobe Rotation Matrix
goodticdivsNice tic division
horseshoeHorseshoe Symbol
inpolyTest set of points for inside/outside polygon
insertNAInsert NA in a vector
insertvecInsert a set of values in a vector
insideDetermine if point is inside polygon
insideGEOmapXYGet LAT-LON points that fall inside a map
KINOUTMap inside-outside
lamaz.eqareaLambert-Azimuthal Equal Area
LandSeaColLand and Sea Colors
lcgclocal coordinates to Global
linesGEOmapXYAdd lines, points or text to GEOmap projected plot
LintersectFinder intersection of lines
list.GEOmapList stroke points in a GEOmap
ll2xyzLAT-LON to xyz
Lll2xyzList Lat-Lon to cartesian XYZ
LLlabelNice Lat-Lon Label
locworldLocate points in worlmap
Lxyz2llCartesian to Lat-Lon
MAPconstantsSet Various Map Constants
maplimMap Limits
maps2GEOmapConvert maps data to GEOmap format
mapTeleSeisWorld Map with Teleseismic Ray-paths
MarkupAdd markup information to an existing plot
meridOrthogonal Projection of Meridian or Parallel
niceLLtixNice DMS coordinates
NoOverlapShift Symbols
normalfaultNormal Fault trace
NSarrowNorth-South Weather Vane Arrow
NSWathCross sectional Swaths of Earthquakes over Japan
ortho.projOrthogonal Map Projection
OverTurnedPlot Overturned fault
perpenperpendicular marks along line
pgonPlot regular polygon: pentagon, hexagon, octagon
plinePoint to line distance
plotGEOmapPlot a GEO map
plotGEOmapXYPlot a projected GEO map
plothyposPlot Edicenters
plotnicetixPlot Lat-Lon tick marks
plotusaMap of USA
plotUTMPlot UTM
plotworldmapPlot World Map with UTM sections
PointsAlongFind spaced Points along a line
polyinternInternal point of polygon
projtypeList of Projection types
rectPERIMExtract a rectangular perimeter
rekt2lineRectangle Line Overlap
roseRose Diagram
rotateGEOmapRotate a GEOmap
rotdelta4rotation about Z-axis
rotmat2Dset a rotation matrix
rotx4x-axis rotation matrix
roty4y-axis rotation matrix
SELGEOmapSelect parts of a GEOmap
setMarkupSet up mark up for maps
setplotmatset up matrices for selecting from eTOPO5
SETPOLIMAPSet up polygons for World map Database
setPROJSet Projection
settopocolTopographic Color Map
sizelegendMagnitude size legend
sqrTICXYTick marks for Square plot
SSfaultStrike Slip Fault
STROKEinfoStroke Information
subsetTOPOSubset a Topo map
SynAnticlineSyncline and Anticline traces
targetLLTarget Lat-Lon
teethAdd Teeth to line
thrustThrust Fault
TOPOCOLCreate Topography ColorMAP
trans4Translation matrix
utmboxGet UTM Box info
UTM.llMap projection
utm.sphr.llMap projection
utm.sphr.xyMap projection
UTM.xyMap projection
UTMzoneUTM zone information
X.prodCross Product
XSECDEMgCross Sections Using RPMG
XSECEQIinteractive earthquake cross section
XSECwinCross sectional plot with earthquakes projected
xyz2llCartesian to Lat-Lon
zebraHorizontal Zebra Scale
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