ExplodeSymbols: Explode symbols that overlap

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Interactive program for redistributing symbols for later plotting. Used for Focal Mechanisms.


ExplodeSymbols(XY, fsiz = 1, STARTXY = NULL, MAP = NULL)



list of x,y values


size of the symbol, as a percentage of the user coordinates


Starting positions. This is used for multiple sessions where we want to pick up the previous locations.


Map to plot on the screen, in GEOmap format.


The program is interactive. It starts by plotting the points as symbols. A number of buttons are provided for exploding the points semi automatically. To move each point click near its current point, then click at the destination followed by a click on the HAND button. several symbols can be moved at the same time.

You must click on the screen and on the buttons to get this code working - the program will not work in batch mode or run as a script You click in the active screen area and then press a button on top (or bottom) - the button takes your clicks and does something Here are some hints:

Buttons:Buttons appear on top and bottom of the plotting region.

HAND: If you want to move only one symbol (focal mech) click near it and then click where you want it to go. Then click the HAND button You may click several at once, but for each click oin a symbol there has to be a click somewhere to relocate it. (i.e. there must be an even number of clicks on the screen before hitting the HAND button)

SEL: If you want to explode several symbols at once, first select them: click lower left, then upper right of rectangle enclosing the selection. Once a selection is made it remains active until another selection is made so you can keep changing the radius and center for different explosions Then click CIRC.

RECT Choose a rectangle (lower left and upper right), then click RECT for an explosion

RECT2 After selecting, choose a center and a distance. symbols will be moved to a rectangular perimeter defined by the two points

CIRC After selection, click once for the circle center, and a second time for the radius, then click CIRC

LINE After selection,will explode the events away from a line, a given distance away. The line is given by 2 points and the distance by a third perpendicular distance.


list of new x,y values


For now the map is given in lat-lon coordinates- the same as the points being moved. There is no map projection used.


Jonathan M. Lees<jonathan.lees@unc.edu>

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## Not run: 
F1 = list(x=rnorm(43), y=rnorm(43))
SMXY = ExplodeSymbols(F1, 0.03)

## End(Not run)

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