GOF: Generate Goodness Of Fit plot from a GERGM object.

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Generate Goodness Of Fit plot from a GERGM object.


GOF(GERGM_Object, column_names = NULL, modularity_group_memberships = NULL,
  return_GERGM_Object = FALSE, observed_support = FALSE, ...)



The object returned by the estimation procedure using the GERGM function.


Optional argument allowing the user to specify names for statistics to be plotted.


Optional numeric vector of node group memberships indexed from 1, which will be used to calculate network modularities.


Optional argument to return the GERGM Object that was passed in, but now with additional GOF statistics such as modularity included in the '@simulated_statistics_for_GOF' and '@additional_stats' fields


logical indicating whether GOF plots should use observed support. Defaults to FALSE.


Additional Arguments can be passed in. Included for eventual compatibility with XERGM package.


A set of box plots where of simulated network statistics centered at the observed value for those statistics and normalized by their standard deviation. This aids in interpretation as the y-axis can be interpreted as the number of simulated-sample standard deviations above or below the observed statistic. Optionally also returns a GERGM object with updated statistics.

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