GGIR: Raw Accelerometer Data Analysis

A tool to process and analyse data collected with wearable raw acceleration sensors. The package has been developed and tested for binary data from GENEActiv and GENEA devices, .csv-export data from Actigraph devices, and .wav-format data from Axivity. These devices are currently widely used in research on human daily physical activity.

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AuthorVincent T van Hees [aut, cre], Zhou Fang [ctb], Jing Hua Zhao [ctb], Joe Heywood [ctb], Evgeny Mirkes [ctb], Severine Sabia [ctb]
Date of publication2017-04-23 12:51:25 UTC
MaintainerVincent T van Hees <>
LicenseLGPL (>= 2.0, < 3) | file LICENSE

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data.getmeta Man page
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GGIR Man page
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