GGally: Extension to 'ggplot2'

The R package 'ggplot2' is a plotting system based on the grammar of graphics. 'GGally' extends 'ggplot2' by adding several functions to reduce the complexity of combining geometric objects with transformed data. Some of these functions include a pairwise plot matrix, a two group pairwise plot matrix, a parallel coordinates plot, a survival plot, and several functions to plot networks.

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AuthorBarret Schloerke [aut, cre] (author for ggpairs, ggduo, ggnostic, ggts, ggfacet, and ggally_*. Contributor for all functions.), Jason Crowley [aut] (ggparcoord), Di Cook [aut, ths] (ggscatmat, gglyph), Heike Hofmann [ths], Hadley Wickham [ths], Francois Briatte [aut] (ggcorr, ggnet, ggnet2), Moritz Marbach [aut] (ggnet, ggnet2), Edwin Thoen [aut] (ggsurv), Amos Elberg [aut] (ggnetworkmap), Joseph Larmarange [aut] (ggcoef)
Date of publication2016-11-13 10:14:15
MaintainerBarret Schloerke <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2.0)

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Man pages

add_and_overwrite_aes: Add new aes

add_ref_boxes: Add reference boxes around each cell of the glyphmap.

add_ref_lines: Add reference lines for each cell of the glyphmap.

australia_PISA2012: Programme for International Student Assesment (PISA) 2012...

brew_colors: RColorBrewer Set1 colors

broomify: Broomify a model

column_is_character: Get vector of variable types from data frame

find_plot_type: Find Plot Types

flea: Historical data used for classification examples.

fn_switch: Function switch

getPlot: getPlot

get_x_axis_labels: Get x axis labels

gg-add: Modify a ggmatrix object by adding an ggplot2 object to all...

ggally_barDiag: Plots the Bar Plots by Using Diagonal

ggally_blank: Blank

ggally_box: Plots the Box Plot

ggally_cor: Correlation from the Scatter Plot

ggally_density: Plots the Scatter Density Plot

ggally_densityDiag: Plots the Density Plots by Using Diagonal

ggally_denstrip: Plots a tile plot with facets

ggally_diagAxis: Internal Axis Labeling Plot for ggpairs

ggally_dot: Plots the Box Plot with Dot

ggally_dot_and_box: Plots either Box Plot or Dot Plots

ggally_facetbar: Plots the Bar Plots Faceted by Conditional Variable

ggally_facetdensity: Plots the density plots by faceting

ggally_facetdensitystrip: Plots a density plot with facets or a tile plot with facets

ggally_facethist: Plots the Histograms by Faceting

ggally_na: NA plot

ggally_nostic_cooksd: ggnostic - Cook's distance

ggally_nostic_hat: ggnostic - leverage points

ggally_nostic_line: ggnostic -background line with geom

ggally_nostic_resid: ggnostic - residuals

ggally_nostic_se_fit: ggnostic - fitted value standard error

ggally_nostic_sigma: ggnostic - leave one out model sigma

ggally_nostic_std_resid: ggnostic - standardized residuals

ggally_points: Plots the Scatter Plot

ggally_ratio: Plots a mosaic plot

ggally_smooth: Plots the Scatter Plot with Smoothing

ggally_text: GGplot Text

ggcoef: ggcoef - Plot Model Coefficients with broom and ggplot2

ggcorr: ggcorr - Plot a correlation matrix with ggplot2

ggduo: ggduo - A ggplot2 generalized pairs plot for two columns sets...

ggfacet: ggfacet - single ggplot2 plot matrix with facet_grid

gglegend: Plot only legend of plot function

ggmatrix: ggmatrix - A ggplot2 Matrix

ggmatrix_gtable: Print ggpair object

ggnet: ggnet - Plot a network with ggplot2

ggnet2: ggnet2 - Plot a network with ggplot2

ggnetworkmap: ggnetworkmap - Plot a network with ggplot2 suitable for...

ggnostic: ggnostic - Plot matrix of statistical model diagnostics

ggpairs: ggpairs - A ggplot2 generalized pairs plot

ggparcoord: ggparcoord - A ggplot2 Parallel Coordinate Plot

ggscatmat: ggscatmat - a traditional scatterplot matrix for purely...

ggsurv: Survival curves with ggplot2

ggts: Multiple Time Series

glyphplot: Glyph plot class

glyphs: Create the data needed to generate a glyph plot.

grab_legend: Grab the legend and print it as a plot

happy: Data related to happiness from the General Social Survey,...

is_blank_plot: Is Blank Plot? Find out if the plot equals a blank plot

is_date: Check if object is a date

lowertriangle: lowertriangle - rearrange dataset as the preparation of...

mapping_color_to_fill: Aesthetic Mapping Color Fill

model_terms: Model term names

nasa: Data from the Data Expo JSM 2006.

pigs: United Kingdom Pig Production

plotting_data_type: Get plotting data type

plot_types: Plot Types

print.ggmatrix: Print ggpair object

print_if_interactive: Print if not CRAN

putPlot: Put Plot

require_pkgs: Require packages

rescale01: Rescaling functions

scag_order: Find order of variables

scatmat: scatmat - plot the lowertriangle plots and density plots of...

singleClassOrder: Order axis variables

skewness: Sample skewness

str.ggmatrix: ggmatrix structure

twitter_spambots: Twitter spambots

uppertriangle: uppertriangle - rearrange dataset as the preparation of...

wrap: Wrap a function with different parameter values


add_and_overwrite_aes Man page
add_ref_boxes Man page
add_ref_lines Man page
australia_PISA2012 Man page
brew_colors Man page
broomify Man page
column_is_character Man page
column_is_factor Man page
find_plot_type Man page
flea Man page
fn_switch Man page
getPlot Man page
get_x_axis_labels Man page Man page
ggally_barDiag Man page
ggally_blank Man page
ggally_blankDiag Man page
ggally_box Man page
ggally_box_no_facet Man page
ggally_cor Man page
ggally_density Man page
ggally_densityDiag Man page
ggally_denstrip Man page
ggally_diagAxis Man page
ggally_dot Man page
ggally_dot_and_box Man page
ggally_dot_no_facet Man page
ggally_facetbar Man page
ggally_facetdensity Man page
ggally_facetdensitystrip Man page
ggally_facethist Man page
ggally_na Man page
ggally_naDiag Man page
ggally_nostic_cooksd Man page
ggally_nostic_hat Man page
ggally_nostic_line Man page
ggally_nostic_resid Man page
ggally_nostic_se_fit Man page
ggally_nostic_sigma Man page
ggally_nostic_std_resid Man page
ggally_points Man page
ggally_ratio Man page
ggally_smooth Man page
ggally_smooth_lm Man page
ggally_smooth_loess Man page
ggally_text Man page
ggcoef Man page
ggcorr Man page
ggduo Man page
ggfacet Man page
gglegend Man page
ggmatrix Man page
[<-.ggmatrix Man page
[.ggmatrix Man page
ggmatrix_gtable Man page
ggnet Man page
ggnet2 Man page
ggnetworkmap Man page
ggnostic Man page
ggpairs Man page
ggparcoord Man page
ggscatmat Man page
ggsurv Man page
ggts Man page
glyphplot Man page
[.glyphplot Man page
glyphs Man page
grab_legend Man page
happy Man page
is_blank_plot Man page
is_date Man page
is.glyphplot Man page
lowertriangle Man page
mapping_color_to_fill Man page
max1 Man page
mean0 Man page
min0 Man page
model_beta_label Man page
model_beta_variables Man page
model_response_variables Man page
nasa Man page
pigs Man page
plotting_data_type Man page
plot_types Man page
print.ggmatrix Man page
print.glyphplot Man page
print_if_interactive Man page
print.legend_guide_box Man page
putPlot Man page
range01 Man page
require_pkgs Man page
rescale01 Man page
rescale11 Man page
scag_order Man page
scatmat Man page
singleClassOrder Man page
skewness Man page
str.ggmatrix Man page
twitter_spambots Man page
uppertriangle Man page
wrap Man page
wrap_fn_with_param_arg Man page
wrap_fn_with_params Man page
wrapp Man page


tests/testthat/test-utils.R tests/testthat/test-ggcorr.R tests/testthat/test-wrap.R tests/testthat/test-gg-plots.R tests/testthat/test-ggsurv.R tests/testthat/test-ggnetworkmap.R tests/testthat/test-crosstalk.R tests/testthat/test-ggparcoord.R tests/testthat/test-ggnet2.R tests/testthat/test-ggmatrix_add.R tests/testthat/test-gglegend.R tests/testthat/test-ggscatmat.R tests/testthat/test-ggnostic.R tests/testthat/test-ggfacet.R tests/testthat/test-ggcoef.R tests/testthat/test-ggsave.R tests/testthat/test-ggnet.R tests/testthat/test-gglyph.R tests/testthat/test-zzz_ggpairs.R tests/testthat/test-ggmatrix_getput.R tests/testthat/test-ggmatrix.R
R/ggnostic.R R/ggpairs.R R/ggpairs_internal_plots.R R/utils.R R/gg-plots.R R/ggmatrix_make_plot.R R/ggsurv.R R/ggmatrix.R R/ggmatrix_print.R R/ggcorr.R R/ggnetworkmap.R R/ggsave.R R/gglyph.R R/data-flea.R R/data-twitter_spambots.R R/ggmatrix_legend.R R/data-nasa.R R/data-pigs.R R/ggparcoord.R R/data-happy.R R/ggpairs_add.R R/ggnet2.R R/data-australia-pisa-2012.R R/ggcoef.R R/find-combo.R R/ggmatrix_gtable_helpers.R R/ggnet.R R/ggmatrix_gtable.R R/ggpairs_getput.R R/ggscatmat.R R/ggfacet.R
man/add_ref_lines.Rd man/happy.Rd man/str.ggmatrix.Rd man/lowertriangle.Rd man/print.ggmatrix.Rd man/ggnet.Rd man/ggally_denstrip.Rd man/ggally_density.Rd man/model_terms.Rd man/brew_colors.Rd man/gg-add.Rd man/ggally_nostic_se_fit.Rd man/ggally_nostic_line.Rd man/ggally_facetbar.Rd man/fn_switch.Rd man/ggally_dot_and_box.Rd man/ggally_nostic_cooksd.Rd man/print_if_interactive.Rd man/glyphplot.Rd man/skewness.Rd man/scatmat.Rd man/ggally_points.Rd man/ggally_nostic_std_resid.Rd man/ggally_nostic_sigma.Rd man/ggally_barDiag.Rd man/ggally_facethist.Rd man/find_plot_type.Rd man/ggscatmat.Rd man/australia_PISA2012.Rd man/ggnetworkmap.Rd man/ggcoef.Rd man/pigs.Rd man/plot_types.Rd man/nasa.Rd man/ggpairs.Rd man/add_and_overwrite_aes.Rd man/uppertriangle.Rd man/ggally_smooth.Rd man/add_ref_boxes.Rd man/is_date.Rd man/twitter_spambots.Rd man/ggmatrix.Rd man/glyphs.Rd man/ggally_cor.Rd man/ggally_nostic_resid.Rd man/plotting_data_type.Rd man/ggmatrix_gtable.Rd man/ggally_ratio.Rd man/singleClassOrder.Rd man/ggnostic.Rd man/ggcorr.Rd man/gglegend.Rd man/getPlot.Rd man/rescale01.Rd man/require_pkgs.Rd man/putPlot.Rd man/ggts.Rd man/ggally_na.Rd man/get_x_axis_labels.Rd man/ggally_blank.Rd man/ggally_facetdensity.Rd man/wrap.Rd man/ggparcoord.Rd man/ggnet2.Rd man/ggally_densityDiag.Rd man/ggally_dot.Rd man/scag_order.Rd man/broomify.Rd man/ggally_nostic_hat.Rd man/ggsurv.Rd man/ggally_diagAxis.Rd man/column_is_character.Rd man/ggally_facetdensitystrip.Rd man/ggally_box.Rd man/grab_legend.Rd man/ggduo.Rd man/flea.Rd man/ggfacet.Rd man/mapping_color_to_fill.Rd man/is_blank_plot.Rd man/ggally_text.Rd

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