Man pages for GGally
Extension to 'ggplot2'

add_and_overwrite_aesAdd new aes
add_ref_boxesAdd reference boxes around each cell of the glyphmap.
add_ref_linesAdd reference lines for each cell of the glyphmap.
australia_PISA2012Programme for International Student Assesment (PISA) 2012...
brew_colorsRColorBrewer Set1 colors
broomifyBroomify a model
column_is_characterGet vector of variable types from data frame
eval_data_colEvaluate data column
find_plot_typeFind Plot Types
fleaHistorical data used for classification examples.
fn_switchFunction switch
get_x_axis_labelsGet x axis labels
gg-addModify a ggmatrix object by adding an ggplot2 object to all...
ggally_barDiagPlots the Bar Plots by Using Diagonal
ggally_boxPlots the Box Plot
ggally_corCorrelation from the Scatter Plot
ggally_densityPlots the Scatter Density Plot
ggally_densityDiagPlots the Density Plots by Using Diagonal
ggally_denstripPlots a tile plot with facets
ggally_diagAxisInternal Axis Labeling Plot for ggpairs
ggally_dotPlots the Box Plot with Dot
ggally_dot_and_boxPlots either Box Plot or Dot Plots
ggally_facetbarPlots the Bar Plots Faceted by Conditional Variable
ggally_facetdensityPlots the density plots by faceting
ggally_facetdensitystripPlots a density plot with facets or a tile plot with facets
ggally_facethistPlots the Histograms by Faceting
ggally_naNA plot
ggally_nostic_cooksdggnostic - Cook's distance
ggally_nostic_hatggnostic - leverage points
ggally_nostic_lineggnostic -background line with geom
ggally_nostic_residggnostic - residuals
ggally_nostic_se_fitggnostic - fitted value standard error
ggally_nostic_sigmaggnostic - leave one out model sigma
ggally_nostic_std_residggnostic - standardized residuals
ggally_pointsPlots the Scatter Plot
ggally_ratioPlots a mosaic plot
ggally_smoothPlots the Scatter Plot with Smoothing
ggally_textText Plot
ggcoefggcoef - Plot Model Coefficients with broom and ggplot2
ggcorrggcorr - Plot a correlation matrix with ggplot2
ggduoggduo - A ggplot2 generalized pairs plot for two columns sets...
ggfacetggfacet - single ggplot2 plot matrix with facet_grid
gglegendPlot only legend of plot function
ggmatrixggmatrix - A ggplot2 Matrix
ggmatrix_gtablePrint ggmatrix object
ggmatrix_progressggmatrix default progress bar
ggnetggnet - Plot a network with ggplot2
ggnet2ggnet2 - Plot a network with ggplot2
ggnetworkmapggnetworkmap - Plot a network with ggplot2 suitable for...
ggnosticggnostic - Plot matrix of statistical model diagnostics
ggpairsggpairs - A ggplot2 generalized pairs plot
ggparcoordggparcoord - A ggplot2 Parallel Coordinate Plot
ggscatmatggscatmat - a traditional scatterplot matrix for purely...
ggsurvSurvival curves with ggplot2
ggtsMultiple Time Series
glyphplotGlyph plot class
glyphsCreate the data needed to generate a glyph plot.
grab_legendGrab the legend and print it as a plot
happyData related to happiness from the General Social Survey,...
is_blank_plotIs Blank Plot? Find out if the plot equals a blank plot
is_dateCheck if object is a date
is_horizontalCheck if plot is horizontal
lowertrianglelowertriangle - rearrange dataset as the preparation of...
mapping_color_to_fillAesthetic Mapping Color Fill
mapping_stringAes name
mapping_swap_x_ySwap x and y mapping
model_termsModel term names
nasaData from the Data Expo JSM 2006.
pigsUnited Kingdom Pig Production
plotting_data_typeGet plotting data type
plot_typesPlot Types
print.ggmatrixPrint ggmatrix object
print_if_interactivePrint if not CRAN
psychademicUCLA canonical correlation analysis data
putPlotPut Plot
require_namespacesLoads package namespaces
rescale01Rescaling functions
scag_orderFind order of variables
scatmatscatmat - plot the lowertriangle plots and density plots of...
singleClassOrderOrder axis variables
skewnessSample skewness
str.ggmatrixggmatrix structure
twitter_spambotsTwitter spambots
uppertriangleuppertriangle - rearrange dataset as the preparation of...
v1_ggmatrix_themeModify a ggmatrix object by adding an ggplot2 object to all...
wrapWrap a function with different parameter values
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