pigs: United Kingdom Pig Production

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This data contains about the United Kingdom Pig Production from the book 'Data' by Andrews and Herzberg. The original data can be on Statlib: http://lib.stat.cmu.edu/datasets/Andrews/T62.1




A data frame with 48 rows and 8 variables


The time variable has been added from a combination of year and quarter

  • time year + (quarter - 1) / 4

  • year year of production

  • quarter quarter of the year of production

  • gilts number of sows giving birth for the first time

  • profit ratio of price to an index of feed price

  • s_per_herdsz ratio of the number of breeding pigs slaughtered to the total breeding herd size

  • production number of pigs slaughtered that were reared for meat

  • herdsz breeding herd size


Andrews, David F., and Agnes M. Herzberg. Data: a collection of problems from many fields for the student and research worker. Springer Science & Business Media, 2012.

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