Man pages for GPrank
Gaussian Process Ranking of Multiple Time Series

apply_gpTestPerforming Gaussian process test
bbgp_snpDataObtaining counts data in the format of example snpData by...
bitseq_fitGPsFitting GP models for the BitSeq example
bitseq_plotGPPlotting fitted GP models for the BitSeq example
bitseq_rnaSeqDataObtaining data in the format of example RNAseqDATA by using...
bitseq_setPlotConfiguring the settings of the plots for the BitSeq example
constructModelConstructing GP model with the specified kernels
createDatabaseBuilding SQLite database
get_bbgpMeanStdComputing means and standard deviations for the BBGP (beta...
getColorVectorExtracting distinctive colors from RColorBrewer package
getModelKernParamsGetting the values of the kernel parameters of the GP model
getYlimitsSetting limits for the y-axis
GPrank-packageGPrank - Gaussian Process ranking of multiple time series
plotGPPlotting fitted GP models
RNAseqDATASample data obtained from example BitSeq output files
setInitParamsInitializing kernel parameters
snpDataSample data for demonstrating the application of experimental...
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