GPseq: gpseq: Using the generalized Poisson distribution to model sequence read counts from high throughput sequencing experiments

Some functions for modeling sequence read counts as a generalized poisson model and to use this model for detecting differentially expressed genes in different conditions and differentially spliced exons.

AuthorSudeep Srivastava, Liang Chen
Date of publication2011-07-06 18:55:51
MaintainerSudeep Srivastava <>

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calc_chisq_statistic Man page
estimate_differential_expression Man page
estimate_differential_splicing Man page
estimate_exon_gene_expression Man page
exons Man page
generalized_poisson_likelihood Man page
genes Man page
likelihood_ratio_generalized_poisson_exon_gene Man page
likelihood_ratio_poisson_exon_gene Man page
likelihood_ratio_tissue_generalized_poisson Man page
likelihood_ratio_tissue_poisson Man page
perform_permutation_de Man page
perform_permutation_ds Man page
reads Man page

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