Man pages for GROAN
Genomic Regression Workbench

addRegressorAdd an extra regressor to a Workbench
are.compatibleCheck two GROAN.NoisyDataSet for dimension compatibility
artificialGenotypesCreate a set of artificial genotypes
artificialPhenotypesCreate a set of artificial phenotypes
createNoisyDatasetNoisy Data Set Constructor
createRunIdGenerate a random run id
createWorkbenchWorkbench constructor
dummy.functionDummy function for import management
getExtraCovariatesNamesString of extra covariates names
getNoisyPhenotypeGenerate an instance of noisy phenotypes
GROAN.AIExample data for pea AI lines
GROAN.KIExample data for pea KI lines
GROAN.runCompare Genomic Regressors on a Noisy Dataset
is.booleanIs a boolean? in the passed numeric range
is.naturalnumberIs a positive integer?
is.single.slotIs a single slot thing?
is.stringIs a string?
measurePredictionPerformanceMeasure Performance of a Prediction
noiseInjector.dummyNoise Injector dummy function
noiseInjector.normInject Normal Noise
noiseInjector.swapperSwap phenotypes between samples
noiseInjector.unifInject Uniform Noise
phenoRegressor.BGLRRegression using BGLR package
phenoRegressor.dummyRegression dummy function
phenoRegressor.RFRRandom Forest Regression using package randomForest
phenoRegressor.rrBLUPSNP-BLUP or G-BLUP using rrBLUP package
phenoRegressor.rrBLUP.GG-BLUP using rrBLUP library
phenoRegressor.rrBLUP.SNPSNP-BLUP using rrBLUP library
phenoRegressor.SVRSupport Vector Regression using package e1071
plotResultPlot results of a run
print.GROAN.NoisyDatasetPrint a GROAN Noisy Dataset object
print.GROAN.WorkbenchPrint a GROAN Workbench object
stratified_crossvalidation_foldsAssignments for stratified crossvalidation
summary.GROAN.NoisyDatasetSummary for GROAN Noisy Dataset object
summary.GROAN.ResultSummary of GROAN.Result
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