GSIF: Global Soil Information Facilities

Global Soil Information Facilities - tools (standards and functions) and sample datasets for global soil mapping.

AuthorTomislav Hengl [cre, aut], Bas Kempen [ctb], Gerard Heuvelink [ctb], Brendan Malone [ctb]
Date of publication2016-07-22 18:49:34
MaintainerTomislav Hengl <>

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Man pages

afsp: Africa Soil Profiles Database Converts an object of class '"SoilProfileCollection"' to a...

as.geosamples: Converts an object to geosamples class

autopredict: Autopredict numeric or factor type variables

AWCPTF: Available soil water capacity

buffer.dist: Derive buffer distances to a set of points

cookfarm: The Cook Agronomy Farm data set

edgeroi: The Edgeroi Data Set

ERDICM: Effective Rooting Zone depth

extract: Extracts values at points from a list of files

FAO.SoilProfileCollection: A class for FAO SoilProfileCollection

fit.gstatModel: Methods to fit a regression-kriging model

fit.regModel: Fits a regression model to spatial data

fit.vgmModel: Fits a 2D or 3D variogram model to spatial data

geochm: NGS database samples for Indiana State

geosamples: A class for spatially and temporally referenced samples

getID: Derive 1 degree cell IDs

getSpatialTiles: Get a list of tiles (regular blocks)

GlobalSoilMap: A class for GlobalSoilMap soil property maps

GSIF.env: GSIF specific environmental variables / paths

gstatModel: A class for a geostatistical model

isis: ISRIC Soil Information System

landmask: Global coarse resolution land / soil mask maps

LRI: Limiting Rootability

make.3Dgrid: Methods to prepare 3D prediction locations

makeGstatCmd: Make a gstat command script

MaxEnt: Prediction and cross-validation using the Maximum Entropy

merge: Merge multiple predictions

mpspline: Fits a mass preserving spline

OCSKGM: Soil organic carbon stock

predict.gstatModel: Predict from an object of class '"gstatModel"'

REST.SoilGrids: A class for SoilGrids REST API

sample.grid: sample spatial points by grids

soil.classes: Soil classification tables

SoilGrids: A class for SoilGrids - soil property and/or class maps

SoilGrid.validator: Validate SoilGrid (spatial predictions)

soil.legends: Standard color palettes for soil properties and classes

SpatialComponents: A class for gridded components derived using the 'spc' method

SpatialMemberships: A class for membership maps derived using the 'fkmeans'...

spc: Derive Spatial Predictive Components

spfkm: Supervised fuzzy _k_-means on spatial pixels

spline.krige: Kriging combined with splines

spmultinom: Multinomial logistic regression on spatial objects

spsample.prob: Estimate occurrence probabilities of a sampling plan (points)

summary: Summarize an object of class '"SpatialPredictions"'

test.gstatModel: Methods to test predictability of a regression-kriging model

tile: Tiles (subsets or clips) a spatial object to regular blocks Probability density for texture triangle

warp: (GDAL) warp function from FWTools

WPS: A class for a Web Processing Service


afsp Man page Man page,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
as.geosamples Man page
as.geosamples,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
as.geosamples,SpatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
autopredict Man page
autopredict,SpatialPointsDataFrame,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
AWCPTF Man page
buffer.dist Man page
buffer.dist,SpatialPointsDataFrame,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
cookfarm Man page
describe Man page
describe,WPS-method Man page
edgeroi Man page
edgeroi.grids Man page
edgeroi.grids100 Man page
ERDICM Man page
extract Man page
extract.list Man page
extract,SpatialPoints,character-method Man page
extract,SpatialPointsDataFrame,character-method Man page
FAO.SoilProfileCollection Man page
FAO.SoilProfileCollection-class Man page
fit.gstatModel Man page
fit.gstatModel,geosamples,formula,list-method Man page
fit.gstatModel,geosamples,formula,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
fit.gstatModel,geosamples,list,list-method Man page
fit.gstatModel-method Man page
fit.gstatModel,SpatialPointsDataFrame,formula,SpatialPixelsDataF Man page
fit.regModel Man page
fit.regModel,formula,data.frame,SpatialPixelsDataFrame,character Man page
fit.vgmModel Man page
fit.vgmModel,formula,data.frame,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
geochm Man page
geosamples-class Man page
getHorizons Man page
getID Man page
getID,SpatialPolygons-method Man page
getProcess Man page
getProcess,WPS-method Man page
getSpatialTiles Man page
getSpatialTiles,ANY-method Man page
getSpatialTiles,Spatial-method Man page
GlobalSoilMap Man page
GlobalSoilMap-class Man page
GSIF.env Man page
GSIF.opts Man page
gstatModel-class Man page
isis Man page
landmask Man page
landmask20km Man page
LRI Man page
make.3Dgrid Man page
make.3Dgrid,RasterBrick-method Man page
make.3Dgrid,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
makeGstatCmd Man page
makePixels Man page
makeSAGAlegend Man page
makeTiles Man page
MaxEnt Man page
MaxEnt,ppp,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
merge Man page
merge,RasterBrickSimulations,RasterBrickSimulations-method Man page
merge,SpatialPredictions,SpatialPredictions-method Man page
mpspline Man page
mpspline,SoilProfileCollection-method Man page
munsell Man page
OCSKGM Man page
over,RasterStack,geosamples-method Man page
over,REST.SoilGrids,SpatialPoints-method Man page
over,SpatialPixelsDataFrame,geosamples-method Man page
over,WPS,SpatialPoints-method Man page
plot.gstatModel Man page
plot,gstatModel,ANY-method Man page
predict.gstatModel Man page
predict.gstatModelList Man page
predict,gstatModel-method Man page
predict,list-method Man page
predict,MaxEnt-method Man page
print.gstatModel Man page
resample.grid Man page
REST.SoilGrids Man page
REST.SoilGrids-class Man page
sample.grid Man page
sample.grid.SpatialPoints Man page
sample.grid.SpatialPointsDataFrame Man page
sample.grid,SpatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
sample.grid,SpatialPoints-method Man page
show,geosamples-method Man page
show,SpatialPredictions-method Man page
show,WPS-method Man page
soil.classes Man page
soil.dom Man page
SoilGrids Man page
SoilGrids-class Man page
SoilGrid.validator Man page
soil.legends Man page
soil.vars Man page
sp3D Man page
sp3D,list-method Man page
sp3D,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
SpatialComponents-class Man page
SpatialMemberships-class Man page
spc Man page
spc,list,list-method Man page
spc,SpatialPixelsDataFrame,formula-method Man page
spfkm Man page
spfkm,formula,SpatialPointsDataFrame,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-meth Man page
spline.krige Man page
spmultinom Man page
spmultinom,formula,SpatialPointsDataFrame,SpatialPixelsDataFrame Man page
spsample.prob Man page
spsample.prob,SpatialPoints,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
stack,geosamples-method Man page
subset,geosamples-method Man page
subset,WPS-method Man page
summary Man page
summary,SpatialPredictions-method Man page
test.gstatModel Man page
test.gstatModel,geosamples,formula,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
test.gstatModel-method Man page
test.gstatModel,SpatialPointsDataFrame,formula,SpatialPixelsData Man page
tile Man page
tile,RasterLayer-method Man page
tile,SpatialLinesDataFrame-method Man page
tile,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
tile,SpatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page
tile,SpatialPolygonsDataFrame-method Man page
TT2tri Man page Man page
validate Man page
validate,gstatModel-method Man page
warp Man page
warp,RasterLayer-method Man page
warp,SpatialPixelsDataFrame-method Man page
WPS-class Man page Man page Man page,geosamples-method Man page Man page,SpatialPointsDataFrame-method Man page


GSIF/R/fit.vgmModel.R GSIF/R/buffer.dist.R GSIF/R/LRI.R GSIF/R/tile.R GSIF/R/gstat.R GSIF/R/spsample.prob.R GSIF/R/SoilGrid.validator.R GSIF/R/spc.R GSIF/R/mpspline.R GSIF/R/AWCPTF.R GSIF/R/make.3Dgrid.R GSIF/R/sample.grid.R GSIF/R/SAGA.R GSIF/R/test.gstatModel.R GSIF/R/warp.R GSIF/R/fit.regModel.R GSIF/R/spmultinom.R GSIF/R/autopredict.R GSIF/R/fit.gstatModel.R GSIF/R/RESTSoilGrids.R GSIF/R/ GSIF/R/ZZZ.R GSIF/R/OCSKGM.R GSIF/R/extract.list.R GSIF/R/TT2tri.R GSIF/R/summary.R GSIF/R/AAAA.R GSIF/R/WPSworldgrids.R GSIF/R/merge.R GSIF/R/fkmeans.R GSIF/R/getID.R GSIF/R/MaxEnt.R GSIF/R/validate.R GSIF/R/as.geosamples.R GSIF/R/spline.krige.R GSIF/R/predict.gstatModel.R
GSIF/man/WPS.Rd GSIF/man/fit.regModel.Rd GSIF/man/fit.vgmModel.Rd GSIF/man/make.3Dgrid.Rd GSIF/man/MaxEnt.Rd GSIF/man/mpspline.Rd GSIF/man/ GSIF/man/ERDICM.Rd GSIF/man/ GSIF/man/geosamples.Rd GSIF/man/buffer.dist.Rd GSIF/man/geochm.Rd GSIF/man/soil.legends.Rd GSIF/man/FAO.SoilProfileCollection.Rd GSIF/man/tile.Rd GSIF/man/autopredict.Rd GSIF/man/GSIF.env.Rd GSIF/man/as.geosamples.Rd GSIF/man/GlobalSoilMap.Rd GSIF/man/merge.Rd GSIF/man/LRI.Rd GSIF/man/edgeroi.Rd GSIF/man/SpatialComponents.Rd GSIF/man/makeGstatCmd.Rd GSIF/man/cookfarm.Rd GSIF/man/spsample.prob.Rd GSIF/man/fit.gstatModel.Rd GSIF/man/spline.krige.Rd GSIF/man/isis.Rd GSIF/man/spmultinom.Rd GSIF/man/REST.SoilGrids.Rd GSIF/man/getID.Rd GSIF/man/OCSKGM.Rd GSIF/man/SoilGrid.validator.Rd GSIF/man/AWCPTF.Rd GSIF/man/gstatModel.Rd GSIF/man/test.gstatModel.Rd GSIF/man/spfkm.Rd GSIF/man/predict.gstatModel.Rd GSIF/man/landmask.Rd GSIF/man/SoilGrids.Rd GSIF/man/getSpatialTiles.Rd GSIF/man/warp.Rd GSIF/man/spc.Rd GSIF/man/SpatialMemberships.Rd GSIF/man/extract.Rd GSIF/man/afsp.Rd GSIF/man/sample.grid.Rd GSIF/man/summary.Rd GSIF/man/soil.classes.Rd

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