Man pages for GSIF
Global Soil Information Facilities

afspAfrica Soil Profiles Database an object of class '"SoilProfileCollection"' to a...
as.geosamplesConverts an object to geosamples class
autopredictAutopredict numeric or factor type variables
AWCPTFAvailable soil water capacity
buffer.distDerive buffer distances to a set of points
cookfarmThe Cook Agronomy Farm data set
edgeroiThe Edgeroi Data Set
ERDICMEffective Rooting Zone depth
extractExtracts values at points from a list of files
FAO.SoilProfileCollectionA class for FAO SoilProfileCollection
fit.gstatModelMethods to fit a regression-kriging model
fit.regModelFits a regression model to spatial data
fit.vgmModelFits a 2D or 3D variogram model to spatial data
geochmNGS database samples for Indiana State
geosamplesA class for spatially and temporally referenced samples
getIDDerive 1 degree cell IDs
getSpatialTilesGet a list of tiles (regular blocks)
GlobalSoilMapA class for GlobalSoilMap soil property maps
GSIF.envGSIF specific environmental variables / paths
gstatModelA class for a geostatistical model
isisISRIC Soil Information System
landmaskGlobal coarse resolution land / soil mask maps
LRILimiting Rootability
make.3DgridMethods to prepare 3D prediction locations
makeGstatCmdMake a gstat command script
mergeMerge multiple predictions
mpsplineFits a mass preserving spline
OCSKGMSoil organic carbon stock
predict.gstatModelPredict from an object of class '"gstatModel"'
REST.SoilGridsA class for SoilGrids REST API
sample.gridsample spatial points by grids
soil.classesSoil classification tables
SoilGridsA class for SoilGrids - soil property and/or class maps
SoilGrid.validatorValidate SoilGrid (spatial predictions)
soil.legendsStandard color palettes for soil properties and classes
SpatialComponentsA class for gridded components derived using the 'spc' method
SpatialMembershipsA class for membership maps derived using the 'fkmeans'...
spcDerive Spatial Predictive Components
spfkmSupervised fuzzy _k_-means on spatial pixels
spline.krigeKriging combined with splines
spmultinomMultinomial logistic regression on spatial objects
spsample.probEstimate occurrence probabilities of a sampling plan (points)
summarySummarize an object of class '"SpatialPredictions"'
test.gstatModelMethods to test predictability of a regression-kriging model
tileTiles (subsets or clips) a spatial object to regular blocks
USDA.TT.imProbability density for texture triangle
warp(GDAL) warp function from FWTools
WPSA class for a Web Processing Service
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