Man pages for GWmodel
Geographically-Weighted Models

bw.ggwrBandwidth selection for generalised geographically weighted...
bw.gtwrBandwidth selection for GTWR
bw.gwdaBandwidth selection for GW Discriminant Analysis
bw.gwpcaBandwidth selection for Geographically Weighted Principal...
bw.gwrBandwidth selection for basic GWR
bw.gwr.lcrBandwidth selection for locally compensated ridge GWR...
bw.gwss.averageBandwidth selection for GW summary averages
DubVoterVoter turnout data in Greater...
EWHPHouse price data set (DataFrame) in England and Wales
EWOutlineOutline of England and Wales for data EWHP
GeorgiaGeorgia census data set (csv file)
GeorgiaCountiesGeorgia counties data (SpatialPolygonsDataFrame)
ggwr.basicGeneralised GWR models with Poisson and Binomial options
ggwr.cvCross-validation score for a specified bandwidth for... data at each observation location for a...
gtwrGeographically and Temporally Weighted Regression
gwdaGW Discriminant Analysis
gw.distDistance matrix calculation
GWmodel-packageGeographically-Weighted Models
gwpca.check.componentsInteraction tool with the GWPCA glyph map
gwpca.cvCross-validation score for a specified bandwidth for GWPCA data at each observation location for a...
gwpca.glyph.plotMultivariate glyph plots of GWPCA loadings
gwpca.montecarlo.1Monte Carlo (randomisation) test for significance of GWPCA...
gwpca.montecarlo.2Monte Carlo (randomisation) test for significance of GWPCA...
gw.pcplotGeographically weighted parallel coordinate plot for...
gwr.basicBasic GWR model
gwr.bootstrapBootstrap GWR
gwr.collin.diagnoLocal collinearity diagnostics for basic GWR
gwr.cvCross-validation score for a specified bandwidth for basic... data at each observation location for a...
gwr.heteroHeteroskedastic GWR
gwr.lcrGWR with a locally-compensated ridge term
gwr.lcr.cvCross-validation score for a specified bandwidth for GWR-LCR... data at each observation location for the...
gwr.mink.approachMinkovski approach for GWR
gwr.mink.matrixviewVisualisation of the results from 'gwr.mink.approach'
gwr.mink.pvalSelect the values of p for the Minkovski approach for GWR
gwr.mixedMixed GWR
gwr.model.selectionModel selection for GWR with a given set of independent...
gwr.model.sortSort the results of the GWR model selection function...
gwr.model.viewVisualise the GWR models from 'gwr.model.selection'
gwr.montecarloMonte Carlo (randomisation) test for significance of GWR...
gwr.multiscaleMultiscale GWR
gwr.predictGWR used as a spatial predictor
gwr.robustRobust GWR model
gwr.t.adjustAdjust p-values for multiple hypothesis tests in basic GWR
gwr.writeWrite the GWR results into files
gwssGeographically weighted summary statistics (GWSS)
gwss.montecarloMonte Carlo (randomisation) test for gwss
gw.weightWeight matrix calculation
LondonBoroughLondon boroughs data
LondonHPLondon house price data set (SpatialPointsDataFrame)
USelectResults of the 2004 US presidential election at the county...
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