GWmodel-package: Geographically-Weighted Models

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In GWmodel, we introduce techniques from a particular branch of spatial statistics, termed geographically-weighted (GW) models. GW models suit situations when data are not described well by some global model, but where there are spatial regions where a suitably localised calibration provides a better description. GWmodel includes functions to calibrate: GW summary statistics, GW principal components analysis, GW discriminant analysis and various forms of GW regression; some of which are provided in basic and robust (outlier resistant) forms.


Package: GWmodel
Type: Package
Version: 2.0-5
Date: 2017-12-20
License: GPL (>=2)
LazyLoad: yes


Acknowledgements: We gratefully acknowledge support from Science Foundation Ireland under the National Development Plan through the award of a Strategic Research Centre grant 07-SRC-I1168.

Beta versions can always be found at, which includes all the newly developed functions for GW models.

For latest tutorials on using GWmodel please go to:


Binbin Lu, Paul Harris, Martin Charlton, Chris Brunsdon, Tomoki Nakaya, Isabella Gollini

Maintainer: Binbin Lu <[email protected]>


Gollini I, Lu B, Charlton M, Brunsdon C, Harris P (2015) GWmodel: an R Package for exploring Spatial Heterogeneity using Geographically Weighted Models. Journal of Statistical Software, 63(17):1-50,

Lu B, Harris P, Charlton M, Brunsdon C (2014) The GWmodel R Package: further topics for exploring Spatial Heterogeneity using Geographically Weighted Models. Geo-spatial Information Science 17(2): 85-101,

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