Man pages for GenomicTools
Collection of Tools for Genomic Data Analysis

annotTrackExample Annotation Track
eQTLPerform an eQTL Analysis
geneEXPSimulated Expression Data
GenomicTools-packageLoose Collection of Expression and Genotype Analysis Tools,...
genotDataSimulated Genotype Data
getKEGGOrganismsGet a list of organisms in the KEGG database
getKEGGPathwayGet a list of genes in a specific KEGG pathway.
getKEGGPathwayImageGet a visualization of a specific KEGG pathway.
getKEGGPathwayOverviewGet a list of pathways in a specific organism.
getRSLocationGet the location of an SNP.
gtfToBedExtract the Chromosomal Information Required in bed Format...
mdrPerform a MDR.
mdrEnsembleEnsemble Classification Using an Existing MDR Object
mdrExampleExample Data for MDR
phenoDataSimulated Phenotype Data
plot.eqtlPlot an eqtl Object
plot.mdrPlot an MDR Object
plot.qtlResPlot an qtlRes Object
print.eqtlPrint an eqtl Object
print.mdrPrint an mdr Object
QTLPerform a QTL Analysis
recodeDataRecode a Genotype Data Matrix.
seqlengthGet the sequence length of a fa-object.
summary.eqtlSummarize an eqtl Object
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