Man pages for GeoLight
Analysis of Light Based Geolocator Data

calib1Example data for calibration: Light intensities and twilight...
changeLightResidency analysis using a changepoint model
coordSimple Threshold Geolocation Estimates
distanceFilterFilter for unrealistic positions within a track based on...
geolight.convertConvert GeoLight Format
GeoLight-packageThe GeoLight Package
getElevationCalculate the appropriate sun elevation angle for known...
gleTransTransformation of *.gle files
glfTransTransformation of *.glf files
HillEkstromCalibHill-Ekstrom calibration
hoopoe1Light intensity measurements over time recorded on a...
hoopoe2Sunrise and sunset times: From light intensity measurement...
lightFilterFilter to remove noise in light intensity measurements during...
ligTransTransformation of *.lig files
loessFilterFilter to remove outliers in defined twilight times based on...
luxTransTransformation of *.lux files
mergeSitesFunction to merge sites
refractedAtmospheric Refraction
scheduleFunction for making a data frame summarising residency and...
siteMapDraws sites of residency and adds a convex hull
solarSolar Time and Declination
staroddiTransTransformation of staroddi files
trip2kmlWrite a file which plots a trip in Google Earth
tripMapDraw the positions and the trip on a map
trnTransTransformation of *.trn files
twilightTimes of Sunrise and Sunset
twilightCalcCalculate twilight events (sunrise/sunset) from light...
zenithSolar Zenith Angle
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